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Smartwatch for pilots with color moving map

Only Garmin offers a smartwatch made for pilots, and the third generation D2 Charlie is their best yet. It’s a powerful aviation navigator, with a built-in GPS, HSI display, airport database, compass, altimeter, and nearest airport function. You can even overlay NEXRAD weather radar on the moving map. Outside the cockpit, the D2 Charlie is packed with everyday features like multiple time zones, fitness tracking, heart rate monito...Read more

Smartwatch for pilots with color moving map

Only Garmin offers a smartwatch made for pilots, and the third generation D2 Charlie is their best yet. It’s a powerful aviation navigator, with a built-in GPS, HSI display, airport database, compass, altimeter, and nearest airport function. You can even overlay NEXRAD weather radar on the moving map. Outside the cockpit, the D2 Charlie is packed with everyday features like multiple time zones, fitness tracking, heart rate monitor, and smartphone notifications. All of this is packed into a titanium bezel that measures less than 18mm thick.

• Built-in GPS drives moving map and HSI screens
• Direct-to and Nearest buttons, with onboard database
• Baro-adjustable altimeter and integrated compass
• Displays NEXRAD radar and METARs when paired with your phone
• Customizable timer with vibrating alerts
• Smart notifications when you receive calls, text messages, or app alerts
• Complete fitness tracking, including heart rate monitor
• Dedicated modes for running, hiking, swimming, biking and golf
• Premium craftsmanship, with titanium bezel and sapphire lens
• QuickFit bands let you change style in an instant (includes silicone sport band)
• Free lifetime database updates included

Premium Materials, Elegant Style
Crafted of premium-grade materials and featuring a titanium bezel with diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish, the D2 Charlie aviator watch is available in 2 distinctive versions. One features a vintage-style leather band, and the other sports a deluxe brushed titanium bracelet. Each watch has a bright, high-resolution, full-color Garmin Chroma Display™ with LED backlighting to assure great readability in all lighting conditions. For added scratch resistance, both versions incorporate a high-strength domed sapphire lens. QuickFit™ bands let you reconfigure the watch for any occasion, activity or adventure — no tools required. And you can further customize the look with free watch faces, photos, apps and data fields, available from Garmin’s Connect IQ™ online store.

Detail-rich Moving Map
In aviation mode, the D2 Charlie watch’s detailed moving map display and extensive databases help you visualize your flight path in relation to nearby navaids, airports, intersections and VFR reference features such as roads, cities, bodies of water and more. Enhanced Direct-to capabilities allow you to add multiple waypoints and fly a Direct-to course to any waypoint in your flight plan. And while in flight, you can view your route on the GPS-referenced dynamic map display — or follow the HSI course needle to your destination. By setting your own waypoints, you can also navigate easily to any location not included in the database. In fact, you can even create Mark on Target waypoints to easily reference — and return to — locations over which you’ve flown. There’s also a dedicated Nearest button on the watch that will locate the closest airport if you need to land quickly for a mechanical issue, weather precaution or passenger emergency.

Weather with Radar Overlay
For at-a-glance updates on the weather for your departure airport, your destination airport or anywhere in between, D2 Charlie works wirelessly with your compatible smartphone to keep you informed. You can access location-based meteorological reports (METARs) and terminal forecast (TAF) information — including winds, visibility, precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and more. A quick “hot key” shortcut — pressing Direct-to and Down keys — brings up high-resolution radar graphics (NEXRAD), overlaid on the moving map. So, you can easily access the data you need for weather trend awareness and smart preflight decision-making.

Flight Logging Is Automatic
With wireless connectivity to your smartphone, the D2 Charlie series can make quick work of flight logging and other record keeping tasks. During takeoff, the watch will detect your aircraft’s change in altitude and automatically initiate the logbook function — recording date, duration, total flight time and route. Then after your flight is complete, it will sync this logbook data via your smartphone to and the Garmin Pilot app.

Your Flight Planning Connection
In addition to creating waypoints and routes on your watch, you can easily use Connext® wireless technology to transfer and sync flight plans from your iPad or other compatible mobile device running the Garmin Pilot app. So, your data entry and planning time are kept to a minimum. The watch can also provide GPS position information to compatible Garmin Pilot-equipped devices. What’s more, you can connect D2 Charlie via a WiFi network to wirelessly update the free lifetime databases that come with your watch. A compatible ADS-B In device, such as the portable GDL 39 receiver, will further enable the Garmin Pilot app to relay notifications of potential traffic or terrain conflicts — as well as other situational alerts — to your D2 Charlie watch.

Customizable Features
With its customizable data fields, D2 Charlie makes it easy to access the data that’s most important to you — such as current GPS groundspeed, GPS track, distance from waypoints/airports, estimated time en route, bearing, glide ratio and other key flight parameters. A handy altitude alerting feature can be set to notify you when reaching or leaving a preselected altitude. And you can also select a stopwatch function for timing approaches or flight legs. A baro-based O2 Altitude alert feature vibrates to remind you when supplemental oxygen is required at operating altitudes above 12,500 ft. Plus, various other timer functions with vibrating alerts can be set to let you know when it’s time to switch fuel tanks or perform other time-critical tasks.

Advanced Multisport Features
Beyond its full range of flight-related functions, D2 Charlie also offers a complete feature set of sports/training, fitness and outdoor navigation tools. You can tap into an array of physiological metrics, running dynamics, fitness tracking features and more — so you can monitor your workout stats, measure your progress and help avoid injury. Special preloaded activity profiles are provided for golfing, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing and more. Plus, with the free Garmin Connect™ Mobile app, you can download more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide for precise course data, and use your watch as a digital scorecard. For added health and fitness motivation, also download advanced workouts and training plans to your watch from our Garmin Connect™ online community.

More Ways to Stay Connected
Smart notifications through the D2 Charlie watch let you leave your phone in your pocket or flight bag — and still quickly screen phone calls, texts and other messages right on your watch. It also gives you access to automatic uploads and social media sharing via Garmin Connect as well as audio prompts, music controls and more. Also, when wirelessly connected to a VIRB action camera, your D2 Charlie watch has the ability to remotely start/stop video, view elapsed time for active recording, and even capture high-quality still photos — while live video is being recorded. You can even simultaneously control multiple VIRB cameras to capture the action from multiple angles. Waterproof to 100 meters. Battery lasts for up to 20 hours in GPS mode, up to 12 days in smartwatch mode. Measures 51mm x 51mm x 17.5mm.

Includes: watch, black silicone sport band, leather band, USB charging/data cable, free Garmin Pilot app trial subscription.
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Huge disappointment from Garmin
In no way does this review reflect negatively on Sporty's, which is not responsible for deficiencies of a new product by a trusted manufacturer. Sporty's remains the go-to vendor for pilot needs. To this point I was a loyal Garmin consumer, having had at least 8 of their products over 22 years with nothing but positive experience. The Charlie is an unmitigated failure and Garmin's lack of response to pleas for support is an unacceptable disappointment.

Being an avid cyclist, outdoorsman, and bush pilot, Charlie replaces my Vivoactive HR and was expected to add features beyond the HR. It does not. It is as accurate and helpful as the HR for cycling and other activities, but it does not accurately report Sleep Time, something noted by Garmin as a key element to track for overall health. The HR was more accurate.

Worst though, the aviation features; the Charlie is a flop. Precisely following the instructions of the manual to set up the Charlie, after 7 flights and despite firmware and database updates, the device does not do what it should and in fact could be a hazard. Nearest Airport feature is not effective and could take the unknowing pilot into harm's way. This feature is a great tool in the remote chance of a critical situation. Once over Lake Superior, having a ring fail on a cylinder, my oil pressure began to rapidly fall. My Garmin 496 directed me to the nearest airport and got me safely to the ground. The Charlie could very well lead a pilot away from the nearest airport to a further airport, resulting in potential disaster.

Though 27 nautical miles to one public airport, and 35 to another, when I select Nearest Airport, the true nearest airport is not presented by the Charlie. Charlie identifies the second nearest, followed by a list of other airports much further away. 8 nautical miles isn't a huge difference, but in a critical situation it could be the difference between life and death. Garmin has not responded to queries about this despite days of trying to get their support attention.

Auto Fly is utterly unreliable. Garmin promises that Charlie will record your flights and report them to Garmin Pilot for automatic Logbook entries. After 7 flights, the results reveal the promise as false. Of the 7, only 4 were recorded by Charlie; of these so little information was recorded and reported to Garmin Pilot that the information is useless for mandatory logging.

Flight 1 of 7 was not recorded by Charlie, even though the parameters were met. Flights 4 and 5 of 7 were similarly not recorded, although Charlie did "detect" the flights as Auto Fly did open the Fly activity. Although the activity was opened, the unlike with flights 2 and 3, flights 4 and 5 were not recorded by Charlie and not reported to Garmin Pilot. Flights 2, 3, 6 and 7 were duly recorded by Charlie, but the information was inaccurate and only portions of the information was synced to Garmin Pilot. The start time reported by Charlie was inaccurate on average about ten minutes from true time but with wide variation for each flight with no discernible pattern. Start to stop duration time is wildly inaccurate but flight time accurate.

Details of the flight Activity available in the Charlie show only the start time and that time is wrong. Of the other critical logging information, it shows the duration of the flight, and that time too is wrong. Start and End locations are recorded, though not reliably.

Although the Charlie gives lots of other information including but not limited to distance and speed, ascent and descent, average heart rate and maximum heart rate, none of of the information essential to mandatory logging is reported by the Charlie. One needs to sync the Charlie with Garmin Pilot which of course is only available for a subscription much more expensive than ForeFlight. Despite the greater expense, the utility is nonexistent.

Of the mere 4 flights of 7 that Charlie recorded and reported to Garmin Pilot, the first Garmin Pilot Entry tells me Wheels Off time (not accurately) but does not tell me Wheels On time. The Flight duration time is reported and miracle of miracles, it is accurate! The second Logbook Entry in Garmin Pilot from Charlie tells me only Wheels On time, (of course not accurately) but not Wheels Off time! It reports the Flight duration time and with accuracy. The third and fourth Logbook Entries in Garmin Pilot from Charlie give no Wheels Off or Wheels On times, although both entries give accurate Flight duration.

Garmin directs in the manual use of the Man Overboard features. However, this feature is not available in the Charlie. None of the screen information spelled out by the manual is available in Charlie.

In short, save your money and buy other great products Sporty's offers. At time of writing, Garmin still has not responded to any of the numerous emails to support or online support forms (as directed on their webpages for both) after many days of patiently waiting.
August 12, 2017
2 weeks ago
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What is the difference between the versions of the watch?
A shopper on Aug 6, 2017
Garmin D2 Charlie Watch Titanium Leather Band
Garmin D2 Charlie Watch Titanium Leather Band
Garmin D2 Charlie Watch Titanium Metal Bracelet
Garmin D2 Charlie Watch Titanium Metal Bracelet
BEST ANSWER: The Band and case are different.
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