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We are proud to introduce ForeFlight, the most popular and innovate aviation app available. Plenty of apps can boast long feature lists, but ForeFlight is about much more than features. Their development team has a unique commitment to creating apps that are intuitive, easy to use and reliable. Airport information is elegantly displayed, approach charts are easily customizable, and terrain maps are razor sharp. And you'll be amazed at how the app practically updates itself – chart and database updates are fast and automatic with the exclusive Download Manager. Try ForeFlight on your next flight – we think you will be impressed.

Praise for ForeFlight

  • Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2014
  • Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2013
  • Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2012
  • App of the Year, Aviation Consumer, July 2011
  • Best Selling iPad Aviation App: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • "Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer

App description

ForeFlight is the critically acclaimed flight planning, flight support, and electronic flight bag ("EFB") app for pilots. Navigation charts, Internet and in-flight weather, moving map, hazard and terrain awareness, wireless connectivity, data syncing and backup, and much more. Built with an attention to detail and backed by a dedicated, fanatical support team, ForeFlight is a best selling aviation app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.


Flight planning in ForeFlight is efficient and intuitive, featuring touch planning, interactive route editing, and route and altitude advisors that simplify your planning by suggesting the best routes and altitudes. The innovative Procedure Advisor allows you to visually preview arrivals, departures, and approach procedures on the map.


ForeFlight’s File & Brief view allows you to file VFR and IFR flight plans from your iPhone or iPad and get confirmation in seconds. ForeFlight Graphical Briefing evolves the wall-of-text preflight briefing into a visual, translated, and interactive presentation, while providing the same trusted FAA-approved information pilots rely on to prepare for their flights.


ForeFlight's weather is best-in-class. Graphical AIRMETs and SIGMETs, global winds aloft data, and hundreds of weather imagery products deliver information about conditions along your route quickly and visually. In-flight weather is possible via ADS-B or XM.

Map layers include:

  • Flight categories

  • HD NEXRAD composite radar

  • Visible and IR satellite

  • Visibility

  • Lightning

  • Temp and dew-point spread

  • Sky coverage

  • Wind conditions

  • Global winds aloft


ForeFlight provides access to US VFR and Terminal Area (TAC) charts; US and Canadian VNC/IFR en-route charts; area and gulf helicopter charts, and 15,000 US and 2,000 Canadian instrument procedures. En-route charts and over 12,000 terminal procedures are geo-referenced.


ForeFlight’s neatly organized global airport directory includes over 25,000 locations. View frequencies, procedures, runways, weather, and more. Our comprehensive FBO Directory provides fuel prices, services, amenities, photos, contact information, and more.


ForeFlight’s Weight & Balance feature allows pilots to determine if they are within weight and CG limits before every flight based on load and fuel usage. Profiles can be created for any fixed-wing aircraft and are synced across all your devices and saved in the ForeFlight Cloud.


ForeFlight’s Logbook is a modern, digital flight logging tool that offers advanced features for easy and efficient logging. With automatic entries from Track Logs, digital instructor signatures and endorsements, real-time syncing across all your devices, and automatic backups to the ForeFlight Cloud, keeping a logbook is simple, efficient and secure.


ForeFlight has partnered with Garmin, Freeflight, Dynon, and others to bring inflight wireless connectivity to your cockpit. Send and receive flight plans from your installed avionics, or take advantage of GPS, ADS-B, or AHRS capabilities.


Subscription Pricing

  • $99.99 annual subscription for ForeFlight Basic Plus (see features above)
  • $199.99 annual subscription for ForeFlight Pro Plus (click here for details)
  • Price includes one geographic area 
  • For new subscribers only; visit for renewals

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Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

5 Item(s)

MAG CRS of active leg not on option on 'HEADS UP DISPLAY'


Ever since I've been using a GPS, since around 1999, I've always kept MAG CRS and MAG TRK right next to each other. Obviously the idea is to stay on course, or at least parallel it if only slightly off. Comparing these two numerical items of information make finding the WCA easy and quick. Makes me wonder if the guys that designed Foreflight really are pilots, to leave that out. To busy thinking about bells and whistles and forgetting about what information a pilot fundamentally wants and needs. BTW, they also left off CRS UP as a moving map option. They only have North up (which is useful) an Track Up (which is only useful for site seeing, for example. I only have the 'Trial Version' at this point. Does the paid subscription version have MAG CRS available on the HEADS UP DISPLAY' screen? And CRS UP on the moving map?
JOEL | COLUMBIA, South Carolina, US | Private | 3/6/2015
Simple and great to plan my trips. Love that you can choose backgrounds like chart, street and even arial views
Greg | NEWPORT BEACH, California, US | 9/27/2014

Exceeded all my expectations. Improves SA and makes navigation and x-country flights infinitely easier.
Guest | 5/14/2014
Guest | Private | 6/5/2013
Aviation and apps. A good Mach
Only a Year at a time

Guest | Private | 11/30/2012
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