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The new Online Study BuddySporty's Study Buddy will prepare you for the FAA written test like no other study tool available.
  • Options available for Private, Sport, Recreational, Instrument and Commercial Pilot test prep
  • Create customized study sessions
  • Take randomly generated practice tests
  • Use Learning Mode to select specific aeronautical knowledge areas
  • Unlimited practice tests that are randomly generated from the entire database of published FAA test questions

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  • Answers with Explanations – Enhance your study sessions by receiving immediate feedback on your questions.

  • Flashcards – Thoroughly test your knowledge by viewing questions without answer choices.

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Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

Includes Private, Sport and Recreational licenses

For the cost of a single flight lesson, Sporty’s Learn to Fly course will save you hours of time in the air and hundreds of dollars. This is not a weekend “cram course” or a boring ground school class on video. It is a comprehensive home study course that includes ground school, test prep and flight training.

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