We publish new content every day of the year, so Takeoff can be part of your daily routine. You probably expect great training videos in the app - and there are plenty of them - but there's also much more. Here are 8 reasons why Takeoff is unique.


1. Exclusive video tips

A good pilot is always learning, and Takeoff makes it easier than ever. Whether you want to geek out on aviation weather or learn pro tips on instrument flying, you'll find dozens of exclusive video tips. Each tip is the perfect length (3-7 minutes) for busy pilots, and you can select the exact categories that are of interest to you.

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2. Curated aviation news

Want to read more than just the headlines? Our editors carefully select the most interesting, unique aviation stories every day from around the internet and share them in the "Aviation News" section. You'll learn about emerging technology, keep up with timely aviation issues and get tips for safer flying.

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3. Aviation podcasts 

Takeoff isn't just about Sporty's content - you'll also find popular aviation podcasts, including The Finer Points of Flying, Airplane Geeks, and Uncontrolled Airspace. If you're new to podcasts, this is an easy way to get started; if you're already a devoted follower, you can keep up with your favorites right from Takeoff.

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4. Interactive quizzes 

This app is interactive too, with fun and challenging quizzes on a host of topics. Test your knowledge about aviation charts, airspace, runway signs and much more. Each quiz includes scoring and explanations.

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5. Fun flying 

Takeoff isn't just a training app; it's also a great place to find fun and exciting videos from around aviation. We search out the most exciting, most inspirational flying videos and share them, so you can remember why you love being a pilot.

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6. iPad tricks

Flying these days means more than just moving the yoke and rudders; a good pilot uses technology to make every trip safer and more fun. That's why you'll find plenty of real world tips and tricks for flying with your favorite aviation apps, like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot.

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7. Practical articles

Whether you're working on crosswind landings or fine tuning your WAAS approaches, Takeoff brings you practical tips from some of the best educators in aviation. Our focus is on real-world, honest advice for pilots of all levels, not just rehashing the textbook.

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8. New perspectives from new contributors

There's more pilots than ever contributing to the Takeoff apps daily stream of content. We're seeking out pilots of all types from bush pilots and distuingued CFIs to Air Show hosts and record setting pilots. Read the complete bios on all the new faces we've added in our blog post here

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