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Sporty's Academy Update

Mar 8, 2017

Our team of flight instructors, video producers, and app developers has been busy lately. From new courses to app updates and flight school innovations, check out the latest news from the educational arm of Sporty's.Read More
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Top 10 Student Pilot Products

Feb 22, 2017

The only thing you need to start flight training is an open mind, but after a few lessons it will become clear that you need to invest in some aviation gear to really be efficient. This can actually be a lot of fun (like fishing or golf, you have to look the part!), but the huge variety of pilot supplies out there can sometimes be overwhelming. Since we run a flight school at Sporty's, new student pilots often us what you really need for flight training. Here is the list our flight instructors distribute to students at Sporty's. There's plenty more you can buy, but these are the essentials.


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Apps for every pilot

Feb 13, 2017

Sporty's is well-known for offering the finest pilot supplies, and you probably also know about our video training courses. But did you know that our team of app developers has released over 30 aviation apps? Here are some stats from the last year, plus a look at all the different options we offer.


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Flying with the new Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset

Feb 7, 2017

The original Zulu headset sparked a wave of innovation in aviation headsets when it was introduced a decade ago, and established Lightspeed as a major player in the premium headset market. Active noise reduction (ANR) headsets were not new at the time, but never before had they been available with so many features at such an attractive price. A lot has changed since then, but Lightspeed is not one to rest on their laurels. They recently released the latest generation, Zulu 3, and as always we went flying to see how it performed.


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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 - the best action camera for pilots yet?

Feb 3, 2017

We’ve been using miniature cameras in the cockpits of general aviation airplanes for over 20 years at Sporty’s to assist in the production our pilot training videos. Back in the 90s these cameras cost thousands of dollars and required a background in video production to mount and operate, but it was worth the effort to be able to capture the dynamic sights and sounds from the cockpit to help pilots learn to fly from the comfort of their home. Now there are better options.


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SiriusXM subscription options are surprisingly flexible

Jan 25, 2017

SiriusXM's new aviation receiver, the SXAR1, is an affordable way to add high quality weather to your iPad. One of the major differences between the SXAR1 and ADS-B receivers like the Stratus is that SiriusXM weather is delivered by satellites, so it's available at all altitudes and all across the United States. That means it requires a subscription, but most pilots don't know that SiriusXM offers some flexible subscription plans. Here are some options to consider.


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First look at the new Faro headsets

Jan 19, 2017

There have never been better options for premium aviation headsets, as companies like Bose, Lightspeed, David Clark and AKG battle to make the quietest, most comfortable headset on the market. The only problem is that most of these headsets cost $800 or even $1000. For pilots looking to spend less, there's an exciting new option from Faro. Their new Stealth headsets offer high performance without the high price, and are available in passive and active noise reduction models. We sent these headsets up for some test flights with our 24 flight instructors to see how they perform.


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4 Reasons the Nflightcam Suction Cup Makes a Great Camera Mount

Jan 11, 2017

There’s only one way to properly test a product: you have to fly with it and use it for yourself. This is my favorite excuse to go flying during a work day. In any case, at Sporty’s, we are sure to test all the products we fly with. For this flight, we used Nflightcam’s new suction cup mount, the Vacuum Suction Cup. I have to say that I was very well pleased with the results of the mount. Here’s what I liked best about it.

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Introducing Sporty's 2017 Learn to Fly Course

Jan 2, 2017

Our award-winning courses have helped over 50,000 pilots learn to fly or add a rating, but we’re never standing still. The Sporty’s Academy team is constantly adding new content and innovative features to make our Learn to Fly Course the best training product in aviation. For 2017, we’re proud to offer a full suite of upgrades that make flying safer, easier and more fun.


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10 hot topics in aviation - Sporty's annual trend report

Dec 27, 2016

Every year around this time, the team at Sporty's takes a moment to look back at the previous 12 months and offers some thoughts on the general aviation market - at least as we see it from Batavia, Ohio. 2016 was a busy year, both for Sporty's and for pilots in general, and here are 10 key trends we noticed.


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