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Compliment your sheepskin seat covers with these headrest covers. Each of these covers are cut from superb quality 1 in. thick pelts and custom tailored to cover the entire seating area (except headrest), wrapping around the side panels and the top of the seat. Once installed, they make a handsome addition to your aircraft’s interior while protecting your headrests from ordinary wear and tear as well as the fading and cracking caused by the sun. Upon order, each headrest cover is individually hand tailored in the USA to fit each headrest, perfectly. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

• 5 Year Warranty (commercial use 2 years)
• Guaranteed Satisfaction
• Documented compliance with FAA flame requirements
• Easy installation
• Dense 1” fleece won’t shed on clothing
• Snug fitting - will not slip or scoot
• Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, fully lined.
• Protects from sun and wear.

Advantages of Natural Sheepskin
For centuries, we have known that no natural or man-made fiber possesses the virtues of 100% sheepskin. Its soft, resilient fibers keep you cool and dry in summer and warm and cozy in winter. Unlike most synthetic materials, sheepskin does not conduct heat or cold so it remains at a constant temperature even after long exposure to extreme temperatures. Each hollow wool fiber absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet—keeps you perfectly dry in hot weather. The free flow of air between you and your seat is a comforting change from the clamminess of leather and vinyl. All skins are chrome tanned which adds to the durability of both the wool fiber and leather backing. Each pelt is hand selected, then hand cut and sewn by a master craftsman for a perfect fit.

Sheepskin Cover Cleaning Instructions
To keep your sheepskin covers clean and looking great, simply follow these instructions.

Care and Cleaning:
Regular brushing (a pet brush works great) and vacuuming will help keep your sheepskin covers in first class condition. Also, tumbling them in a clothes dryer without heat helps to remove remove dirt and grit and to fluff the fleece. They may be spot cleaned while installed using any product recommend for wool care.

Have them professionally dry cleaned as needed. When reinstalling them in aircraft that have identical seats rotate them (pilot seat cover on copilot seat, left passenger seat cover on right passenger seat, etc.) to even out wear patterns and increase their useful life.

Sheepskin is a natural product that breathes. Ventilate your aircraft when practical to dissipate moisture and odors. Avoid getting the sheepskin wet. If they become wet remove them immediately and allow them to dry slowly in a shaded area.

Sample Color Strip
Our sample color strip makes it easy to choose the perfect color-match for your aircraft. Your $20.00 deposit will be refunded upon return of the strip. Our product #4970A. See link to Related Products.

Available for your Aircraft
Since 1988 Aerosheep has been the only company in the US specializing in the design and manufacture of sheepskin seat covers exclusively for aircraft. Using the finest Australian merino sheepskin, skilled craftsmen hand tailor each seat cover from scratch. With their library of hundreds of templates and patterns Aerosheep can tailor covers to fit the seats in almost any aircraft.

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