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    Runway incursions are rising at an alarming rate - up more than 100% in 2008. They can happen to pilots of any experience level and at any airport. Runway incursions can be reduced by staying current on ground operations, planning and effective communication. Sporty's Runway Safety Center helps pilot do just that - providing pilots with the tools and real world strategies to safely manage aircraft operations during taxi through these resources.

    Do you have the tools necessary to help stop this dangerous trend?

    Pilot's Guide to Runway Safety
    Runway incursions can happen to pilots of any experience level and at any airport — staying "current" on ground operations is essential. This comprehensive program from Sporty's will help you do that, going far beyond the basics in the AIM. It offers dozens of real world strategies for safer taxiing, a thorough review of airport signs and markings, and some sobering case studies of real accidents. Watch Pilot's Guide to Runway Safety and you might be surprised by what you don't know.

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    VFR & IFR Communications Combo
    IFR Communications—All new version! Dual disc-DVD and Audio CD
    More than just a rehash of basic radio procedures, this program gives today’s instrument pilot a real-world look at IFR communications through all phases of flight in a variety of airspace.

    VFR Communications—All new version! Dual disc-DVD and Audio CD
    Ride along on three real-world flights in a Piper Pacer, a glass-panel Cirrus and a Cessna 210 to see the range of communications skills required for flight in every type of VFR airspace.

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    VFR Comm DVD only
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    IFR Comm DVD only
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    FAA Advisory Circulars

    Flightcrew Procedures During Taxi
    Recommended Standard Traffic Pattern and Practices
    Single Pilot Procedures During Taxi
    Traffic Advisory Practices at Airports Without Operating Control Towers
    Printable Taxi Procedures
    AOPA Safety Advisors

    Operations at Nontowered Airports
    Operations at Towered Airports
    Pilot's Guide to Runway Safety

    Airport Markings
    Airport Signs

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