Oshkosh checklist: 11 things you need for a fun AirVenture

Here’s our list of essential items for flying to AirVenture:

  1. The NOTAM.

    This one’s free, but it’s perhaps the most important one to obtain. Print it out, save it in your favorite app or just read it online. However you get the NOTAM, make sure you know where to fly, when to fly and who to talk do. It’s all here.
  2. Tie downs.

    tiedownOnce you land, you’ll want to make sure your airplane stays on the ground - especially if a summertime thunderstorm pops up. Tie downs are not provided at Oshkosh, so make sure to bring your own. Our favorite is The Claw system paired with our All-Weather Tie Down Kit.
  3. Sun shade

    If your airplane lives in a hangar year round, Oshkosh may be the only time it sits outside for an extended time. Protect your airplane’s interior with a good canopy cover - we like this one because it’s well-made but lightweight and folds up small. We also love this new suction cup sunvisor for in-flight use. It’s perfect for long cross country legs.
  4. Tool kit

    toolkitAnything can happen when you’re traveling away from home, so it just makes sense to carry a few tools for quick fixes. Remember, as a pilot you can do basic maintenance like cleaning spark plugs or changing tires. This tool kit is made specifically for pilots, and weighs less than 4 lbs. It’s cheap insurance.
  5. Cleaning supplies

    clean kit1clean kit 2

    Make your pride and joy look good in the North 40! After landing, a quick debugging of the leading edges will make a good impression on your camping neighbors. This affordable kit is a great option for exterior cleaning, and our complete windshield cleaning kit will keep your glass sparkling.

  6. New sunglasses

    SunglassesWhether you’re flying in or just walking around the show, protect your eyes with a high quality pair of sunglasses (seriously, it’s time to retire the $5 drugstore pair). Serengeti has a large selection of sunglasses that slash glare, improve contrast and look great.
  7. Aviation t-shirt

    Humorous T-shirts

    You have to look the part, so pick up a humorous pilot t-shirt and wear it with pride. After all, you’re among friends.

  8. Video camera

    Video cameraThis one isn’t a must, but many pilots enjoy recording their arrival into Oshkosh. There’s simply no way to convey the excitement or the rapid fire controller-speak to non-pilots without a video. Pick up a Garmin VIRB or a GoPro, and make sure you have a headset cable to record ATC.
  9. Hand-held radio.

    radioA portable radio is a great backup tool in case your primary radio should quit en route, but it’s also a great way to listen to all the arrivals and departures once you’re at the show. Take an hour and sit out by runway 27 with your radio - it’s great entertainment.
  10. New headset.

    HeadsetsFor many pilots, Oshkosh is the longest cross-country of the year. If you’ve been making do with a beat up headset for a while, a 6-hour flight to Wisconsin isn’t the time to find out it failed. Spoil yourself and pick up a new ANR headset - your ears will thank you.
  11. Weather in the cockpit.

    ADS-B receiver 1portable GPS  2
    If you don’t fly long cross countries too often, you may want to consider a portable weather receiver for your big trip to AirVenture. Whether it’s an ADS-B receiver for your iPad or a portable GPS with SiriusXM Weather, it’s never been easier to keep track of summer thunderstorms and morning fog banks.


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