Sporty's Flight Crew Benefits

As a member of Sporty's Flight Crew, you'll have access to a variety of benefits for the active pilot. Enjoy free shipping, unlimited access to Sporty's training courses, exclusive savings, and much more.

ShippingFree 2-day shipping

Never pay for shipping again! Flight Crew members receive free 2-day shipping on almost every product at Sporty's Pilot Shop. From iPad accessories to flight bags to headsets, all orders received by 5pm eastern ship the same day and Flight Crew orders arrive within two business days. Some restrictions (chart subscriptions, oil) apply - details here.

To access: Sign into your account and we'll apply free shipping to your order.


Personal service

We've always been proud to offer fast, friendly service at Sporty's. Flight Crew members get that famous service and more. You'll have a members-only email address and phone number, so you can rest assured you'll receive the finest service anywhere. Help—and a pilot—is just a call away.

To access: Email or call 1-888-488-1615. 


Watch every What You Should Know video (Gold and Platinum)

Keep your flying skills sharp with Sporty's unparalleled library of aviation courses. With over a dozen videos included, there's something for every type of pilot. Includes: Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, VFR Communications, IFR Communications, Basic Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff, Takeoffs and Landings, Aviation Weather—A Pilot's Guide, Pilot's Guide to Airspace, Pilot's Guide to Runway Safety, Garmin G1000 Checkout, Flying with ForeFlight, Multiengine Training Course, So You Want to Fly Gliders, So You Want to Fly Helicopters, So You Want to Fly Seaplanes. Over $500 in value - included with your Flight Crew Gold or Platinum membership.

To access: Sign into Sporty's Online Pilot Courses portal to access your videos.


Online courseAutomatic access to new courses (Gold and Platinum)

Your video library isn't static. Flight Crew members get automatic, free updates to existing courses and are also the first to get access to new videos as they are released. There's no additional charge and nothing to opt into—it's all included with your membership.

To access: Sign in to Sporty's Online Pilot Courses portal to access your complete video library.


Air Facts Classics (Gold and Platinum)

For well over 50 years, pilots turned to Richard Collins for his unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of flying light aircraft. The former Flying magazine editor and best-selling author has collected some of his best tips in these classic Air Facts video segments, which are as valuable today as they were when they were produced. Watch all 35 online, free with your membership.

To access: Sign in to Sporty's Online Pilot Courses portal to access all Air Facts videos.


Online aviation library (Gold and Platinum)

In addition to this incredible collection of courses and videos, you'll also be able to stay up to date with the latest FAA publications. Your online library includes the latest editions of the FAR, AIM, Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Instrument Procedures Handbook, and more.

To access: Sign in to Sporty's Online Pilot Courses portal to access your documents.


Flight training scholarships (Gold and Platinum)

Three times per year, Sporty's awards a $2500 flight training scholarship to help a pilot earn their license, add a rating, or get current. All Flight Crew Gold and Platinum members are eligible to apply, from student pilots to ATPs. Sporty's team of flight instructors will review all the applications and choose a winner. You choose how and where to use it!

To access: Sign into your account and visit the My Flight Crew page for a link to the application.


Special offersExclusive offers (Gold and Platinum)

Get an early look at special offers from Sporty's, plus members-only savings on popular pilot supplies.

To access: Make sure you're signed up for Sporty's emails to get deal notifications.


Access to Sporty's complete training courses (Platinum)

Platinum members have access to every Sporty's course, including the complete Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot courses. These work online, on iPad/iPhone, Android, and even on smart TVs like Apple TV and Roku - with progress sync between platforms.

To access: Sign in to Sporty's Online Pilot Courses portal to access your complete video library, or download Sporty's Pilot Training App for iPad/iPhone or Android.


Free flight lesson at Sporty's Academy (Platinum)

Sporty's Academy, our on-site flight school, has dozens of flight instructors on staff and Flight Crew members get access to this talented team of educators. As a member, you can schedule one free flight lesson at our school in Batavia, Ohio.

To access: Sign into your account and visit the My Flight Crew page for a link.


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