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Sporty's Pilot Shop on runway at I69

Here are some of the things we do at Sporty's to make flying safer, easier and more fun.

Pilot shop. Our world famous store, which began in the trunk of a Studebaker, has everything a pilot needs, from flight training courses and headsets to flight bags and iPad accessories. We do it all at our headquarters on the Clermont County/Sporty's Airport (I69), including product development, fulfillment, and customer service. More Info

Video production. We are passionate about teaching people to fly. This began as in-person ground schools in the 1960s, and over the years has evolved into sophisticated video courses. Our team of flight instructors, video producers, and software developers work side-by-side to produce the finest training products in the world. Our studio is the airport, so we're always out shooting new footage to show what flying is really like. More Info

App development. Delivering an exceptional training experience means offering our courses in as many formats as possible. That includes DVDs and our streaming online learning platform, but also native iPad/iPhone and Android apps. At Sporty's, we don't rely on "off the shelf" solutions; we create custom apps that make flight training easier. By controlling every step of the process, from script writing to video editing to app development, we can keep our courses up to date with changing regulations and technology. More Info

Flight school. From day one, Sporty's has been a flight training organization, and that extends beyond just home study courses. We also operate an active flight school at our headquarters, with over 15 training aircraft and hundreds of students per year. From first solo to multi-engine training, Sporty's Academy is your one stop for customized and efficient training. This everyday experience also helps us to understand what pilots really need, and develop products that work better and last longer. More Info

University program. As a part of our flight school, we operate the Professional Pilot Program for the University of Cincinnati. This unique program combines intensive flight training and general studies to create well-rounded, experienced graduates that can succeed in a variety of aviation careers. More Info

Flying club. We don't stop after you pass your checkride - Sporty’s Flying Club is the perfect opportunity to get more enjoyment and utility from your pilot certificate. Whether you’re an afternoon recreational flyer or require safe, reliable transportation for business or vacation, membership in Sporty’s Flying Club provides valuable benefits to create a fun, hassle-free aviation experience. Members have access to a number of aircraft at a discounted rate. More Info

FBO. Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, our full-service FBO at I69, offers everything pilots need to make a trip to the Cincinnati area easy: pilot lounge, crew cars, Avgas and Jet-A, aircraft management services, and over 100 T-hangars for rent. We also maintain the airport, from plowing the snow to cutting the grass. More Info

Avionics shop.Whether installing a single unit or a fully integrated package, Cincinnati Avionics is an expert in its field. Our professional staff of experienced FAA licensed technicians and installers has been handpicked to enable us to produce a modern, user-friendly package tailored to the individual aircraft and the pilot’s needs. We specialize in piston aircraft, so your job will never be delayed because of a larger aircraft. More Info

Aircraft sales. Whether it's your first or 50th, buying or selling can be a daunting and frustrating exercise. Let our team of honest and experienced pilots take the hassle out of your next transaction. We are an authorized dealer for Legend Cub airplanes and Robinson helicopters; we also offer a number of high quality used airplanes. More Info

Charter service. Sporty’s Air Charter is holder of FAA Air Carrier Certificate #VYTA380 and is authorized to conduct on-demand charter operations for passengers and cargo under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 135. Sporty’s Air Charter operates a Cessna 182 Skylane with comfortable range for 1-3 passengers and/or cargo within 250 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio. More Info

Air tours. A sightseeing flight is a great way to celebrate a milestone or get a taste of what general aviation is all about. Sporty's Academy offers a variety of air tour packages that allow passengers to see some of the best sights around Southwest Ohio, all under the command of one of Sporty's experienced captains and guides. Custom packages are also available. More Info

Residential airpark. Ever wanted to live with your airplane? You can do just that at Sandy's Airpark, our fly-in community nestled in the trees at the Clermont County/Sporty's Airport. Beautiful homesites are available with direct taxiway access to the runway, making frequent travel or pleasure flights easy. More Info

Sporty's Foundation. We believe in giving back to aviation, which is why we started The Sporty's Foundation. This 501(c)(3) organization funds programs that work to educate young people on the excitement and life-enhancing potential of general aviation. To ensure maximum return on donor investments, 100 percent of The Sporty’s Foundation operating costs are underwritten by Sporty’s Pilot Shop. More Info









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