1. Learning Mode in the Free Version

Without purchasing the full version of the Learn to Fly app you can utilize Learning Mode. This mode allows you to select specific topics to study and practice those questions until you get them right. Start small and grow your knowledge by mastering individual topics one section at a time. 

How To:

STEP 1: When you're in the app, tap on Written Test Prep

written test prep


STEP 2: In the main Study Buddy page, tap on Learning Mode.

learning mode


STEP 3: Select the specific topics you want to cover. 



As you answer the questions you can immediately see the correct or incorrect answers.

practice learning mode


This is a great way to study the material without being overwhelmed by too many topics or questions. We recommend starting with one topic and after you've mastered that subject, add one more until you have the entire group down. By the time you're looking at the entire subject bank you'll be a pro. 



Test mode allows the student to practice a written exam just like the actual test. Being a pilot is all about being prepared for the task at hand. There's no better way to be prepared for your written exam than taking practice exams that are the same format, look, feel and questions you'll see in the testing center. You're able to practice the exams as many times as you want so you feel comfortable with the material. You can access this in the same location on Study Buddy as the Learning Mode.

How To: 

STEP 1: Tap on the Test Mode menu in the Study Buddy.

test mode


STEP 2: On the next page you'll find a description of the exam that has the same guidelines as the real exam. We recommend taking these practice exams until you consistently score in the 90% range. If you upgrade to the paid version of the app, you can automatically receive your written test endorsement after two scores of 80% or higher are recorded. 

test description


Here's what the practice test will look like. 

practice test


3. Four new intro to flying videos in THE FREE VERSION

If you're looking to get started these videos are a great place to begin. Learning to fly is a long process that is unfamiliar to new pilots - that's where the intro videos come in. You'll get to watch the basics of how to earn a license, how to choose a flight school and what your first lesson will look like. These fast-paced videos help give you an idea of the adventure that awaits you as you earn your wings. 

Intro to flying video


Stunning hd video throughout

The Learn to Fly course has rich, high-definition footage and graphics throughout the entire course. We've made special effort to keep our course looking good and easier to watch. That means professional quality videos with real airplane footage at beautiful locations. No talking heads or PowerPoint slides.

hd videohd graphic 


Download the Learn to fly course now

These useful features are available to you now with the free Learn to Fly app in the App Store. To download the Learn to Fly app on your iPad or iPhone tap here. For $199.99, you can unlock the full course, including over 20 hours of HD video, explanations for each question in the Study Buddy, and an automatic written test endorsement. For more information on the Learn to Fly Course tap here