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iPad Weather Receiver Buyer's Guide

Jul 18, 2018

The ability to view datalink weather on your iPad has been one of the most significant advancements in portable avionics in recent decades. Whether you fly with ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, WingX, or FltPlan Go, you can now monitor NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, TFRs and much more. But first you need to choose the right receiver. Use this guide to compare all the options, from ADS-B to SiriusXM satellite weather, and find the best fit for your flying.


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Top 7 iPad Accessories For Pilots

Aug 22, 2017

The iPad makes a great, all-in-one cockpit tool, combining maps, flight planning, in-flight weather, documents and so much more. That doesn't mean it stands on its own, though. A few carefully chosen accessories can make it so much more powerful and easy-to-use. Here's our list of the accessories you should consider, and our top recommendations.

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Stratus Flight Data Recorder Contest

Aug 18, 2017

Share your track log and get entered to win a $200 Sporty’s Gift Card!

Stratus is the most powerful ADS-B receiver you can buy, delivering in-flight weather, traffic, GPS position, and backup attitude to ForeFlight. Stratus also includes a flight data recorder, which automatically logs all of your flights, complete with GPS position and attitude. These track logs are a great way to review a training flight or relive a memorable trip, and can be viewed on ForeFlight’s website or in the CloudAhoy app.

Now your track logs could win you a $200 Sporty’s Gift Card and other prizes. Just share your most interesting flight with us: your first solo, a flight to Oshkosh, the perfect S-turn, a unique instrument approach, or whatever else you found memorable.


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Apps for every pilot

Feb 13, 2017

Sporty's is well-known for offering the finest pilot supplies, and you probably also know about our video training courses. But did you know that our team of app developers has released over 30 aviation apps? Here are some stats from the last year, plus a look at all the different options we offer.


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SiriusXM subscription options are surprisingly flexible

Jan 25, 2017

SiriusXM's new aviation receiver, the SXAR1, is an affordable way to add high quality weather to your iPad. One of the major differences between the SXAR1 and ADS-B receivers like the Stratus is that SiriusXM weather is delivered by satellites, so it's available at all altitudes and all across the United States. That means it requires a subscription, but most pilots don't know that SiriusXM offers some flexible subscription plans. Here are some options to consider.


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Takeoff app adds new features

Dec 7, 2016

Sporty's Takeoff app keeps getting better. This innovative app is a valuable proficiency tool for pilots of all levels. New content is published every day of the year, including videos, articles, podcasts, news, and quizzes. The heart of Takeoff is the unique and high quality content, but a number of recent improvements have made the app easier to use. Now you can watch a video tip or read an article anywhere you have your iPhone or iPad. Here's what's new.


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Top 12 iPad Tips - How To Get Started

Apr 20, 2016

The iPad is a reliable and easy-to-use addition to the cockpit, perfect for charts, moving maps and even in-flight weather. But there's a lot to understand to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment. Over the past several years, we've learned a lot through trial and error flying with the iPad in general aviation aircraft, and have assembled our top 12 tips.

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Keeping your charge - iPad battery tips

Apr 20, 2016

Let’s add it all up- the electronics pilots take with them on a long cross country trip. We’ve got two ipads (one for the pilot and one for the co-pilot), two cell phones, ADS-B receiver or external GPS for those iPads and maybe a smartwatch or two. Most of these items would be on pilot’s required materials list for flight. Read More
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Synthetic Vision with ForeFlight and Stratus 2S

Jan 19, 2016

synthetic vision

ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision is a visually stunning and high-performance hazard awareness capability for iPad. Fly with more confidence in all conditions and terrain. When paired with Stratus 2S, ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision becomes an affordable backup attitude system.

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