The prizes

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot JacketWe’ll pick a new winner every week, beginning September 4 and ending September 28. Each week, the pilot who submits the most interesting track log will win a $50 Sporty’s Gift Card.

At the end of those four weeks, we’ll match up all four winners head-to-head and let pilots vote on the grand champion. The pilot with the most votes will win a Pilot Your Own Adventure prize pack from Sporty's and Flight Outfitters. This includes a Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Jacket, a Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Duffel, and a $200 Sporty's Gift card - a total value of more than $400!


How to enter

To enter, just email your favorite track log to, along with your name and home airport. Entries can be emailed directly from ForeFlight or CloudAhoy; just make sure your track log was recorded on a Stratus, not just with GPS (see details below). Feel free to share your flight on social media too, using the #PilotYourOwnAdventure hashtag.


How to use flight data recorder

Stratus 2, 2S, and 3 are always recording your flights, up to 20 hours at a time. To access these logs, turn on Stratus and connect it to your iPad. Then open ForeFlight, tap More, then Devices, then Stratus. At the bottom of the Stratus Status menu, tap on the line that says Track Logs to view all your recent flights.

Stratus track logs


From here, you can choose a specific flight and tap the download symbol at the right to transfer the track log from Stratus to ForeFlight.

Stratus flight log transfer


Once you’ve transferred a flight to ForeFlight, it will appear in the Track Logs page (also accessed from the More button). This will probably show a combination of track logs recorded by your iPad (GPS only) and by Stratus (which includes more data, like attitude). Tap on a track log to view details, then tap the arrow at the top right corner to share the track log.

Share track log


Choose Mail to send the flight to and enter in the contest.

Email track log


Three debrief options

There are three great options for debriefing your flight:, CloudAhoy and Google Earth. Each of these options requires you to export your track log to another program, but that's quick and easy, and can be done directly from ForeFlight.

The fastest and easiest option is to choose from the share menu shown above. This allows you to view any track log on ForeFlight’s website for a nice summary of the flight, complete with an interactive map.

Track log on ForeFlight


For the most detailed post-flight debrief, we like the CloudAhoy app. To share a flight from ForeFlight to CloudAhoy, tap the same arrow button at the top right of ForeFlight, then choose Open KML in... then select CloudAhoy from the list of available apps (make sure the app is installed on your device).

Share to apps


Once the track log is open in CloudAhoy, you can play back the entire flight, from GPS track to pitch and bank. There are powerful options for overlaying your flight on aviation charts, satellite images, and even a glass cockpit view. The app will also auto-detect flight segments for you, perfect for approaches or landings. CloudAhoy does require a subscription, but you can download the app for free and try it for 30 days.

Stratus track log in CloudAhoy


To email a CloudAhoy track log, tap the Share button at the top of the screen, then choose email.

CloudAhoy email track log


This video gives a great overview of how CloudAhoy works: 


The last option is Google Earth, a free app for iPad. From the same Share menu in ForeFlight choose Google Earth (again, make sure it's installed on your device). You can review your flight path and turn on 3D mode to see your climbs and descents.

Stratus track log Google Earth



For more information about Stratus, visit


For more information about Flight Outfitters, including inspiration for your next flying adventure, check out their YouTube page.




Weekly Winners

Week 1 - Congratulations to Bob May of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the first winner of a $50 Sporty's gift card. He shared his Stratus track log from a memorable flight down the Hudson River Corridor on his way home from White Plains, New York (HPN). As you can see, he took a quick lap around the Statue of Liberty.

Hudson River flight


Week 2 - Congratulations to Sam Elmanzalawy, our week two winner of a $50 Sporty's gift card. He shared his Stratus track log from a flight many other pilots will understand - arriving at Oshkosh for the EAA AirVenture fly-in. His flight this year was a little more memorable than usual, given the marginal VFR weather conditions. You can see the track log in ForeFlight below, plus a screenshot of the debrief in CloudAhoy. You can even watch a video of his flight here.

Oshkosh arrival
OSH arrival CloudAhoy


Week 3 - This week's winner is Louise Mateos of California, who shared her first Civil Air Patrol mission that she recorded with Stratus. The pattern ended up drawing a beautifully symmetrical flower pattern on the track log, and CloudAhoy gave her a 74 as a score for her landing. A great flight to debrief with a Stratus track log.

CAP mission
CloudAhoy map of CAP mission


Week 4 - Our fourth and final weekly winner is Greg Barnhill of Lee Summit, MO. He captured this flight log with his Stratus on the departure leg from an 8-day hiking trip in the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness Area. The rough terrain is vividly displayed in CloudAhoy, including his climbing turn to 10,000 feet.

CloudAhoy map of mountains