Watch our video tip below for a detailed look at what angle of attack means, and how angle of attack indicators work. This video tip is from Sporty's Takeoff app.


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A new approach to proficiency

Sporty's Takeoff AppDon’t wait for your next Flight Review to get current - keep your flying skills sharp and stay up to date on the latest aviation trends with Sporty's all-new Takeoff app. This fun and easy-to-use app delivers fresh aviation content to your iPad or iPhone every day, and allows you to customize topics to match your preferences. Get notified when new content is available, based on your flying skills and preferences; it's perfect for new student pilots and experienced IFR pros alike.

Articles and videos are just the right length for on-the-go pilots, so you can get your:

  • - Engaging video tips for pilots of all levels
  • - Fun and educational articles by active pilots
  • - Breaking aviation news and opinion
  • - Stunning photos and downloadable wallpaper
  • - Popular aviation podcasts
  • - Interactive quizzes test your aviation knowledge

More than just a way to organize content, Takeoff offers a curated selection of aviation videos, articles and pictures for the active pilot. You'll learn from some of the best aviators and flight instructors:

  • - Jason Miller from The Finer Points of Flying shares exclusive tips for safer flying
  • - Meteorologist Scott Dimmich goes beyond the basics in Weather Geek segments
  • - Rob Reider offers dozens of flight training tips, from steep turns to crosswind landings
  • - Exclusive flight training articles from Sporty's team of flight instructors
  • - Legendary perspective from former Flying editor Richard Collins
  • - Real world tricks and emerging trends from Air Facts editor John Zimmerman
  • - iPad insight and shortcuts from iPad Pilot News editor Bret Koebbe
  • - Podcasts from The Airplane Geeks, Uncontrolled Airspace and The Finer Points
  • - Free video tips from the AOPA Air Safety Institute
  • - YouTube stars share the fun side of flying

Download the app for free and get started today with a wide variety of videos and articles. For the ultimate aviation library, upgrade to Pro for just $59.99/year (or $9.99/month). Pro subscribers get access to exclusive content (over a dozen every month), plus an ad-free environment.



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