Virtual Airshow
From June 29 to August 2, Sporty’s will be hosting a virtual airshow across our website and social media. Much more than just a few product specials, we have a complete schedule of events planned for pilots all around the world. We can’t duplicate the brown arch online, but we’ll try to do as many other things as we can to create that magical Oshkosh atmosphere.
  • Free webinars—get current or learn something new 
  • Live stream sessions—talk to Sporty’s product experts
  • Contests—compete against fellow pilots to win prizes
  • Show specials—save on the best pilot gear
  • New products—see our latest creations in action
  • Fun videos—aerobatics, Oshkosh arrival, and more
  • Give back—support EAA in our matching grant initiative
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The Sporty’s Foundation 2020 Matching Gift Initiative

EAA logoThis has been an unprecedented year, and the impact on the aviation industry as a whole and EAA, in particular, has been significant. To help our friends in aviation, The Sporty’s Foundation has created a matching gift initiative: for every dollar Sporty’s customers donate, up to $25,000, we’ll match it, with 100% of donations going to EAA. Please donate whatever you can. You might consider an amount equal to your expected ticket fee for 2020: $36 for a daily ticket, $125 for a weekly, or $196 for a weekly camping ticket.
Week 5   
Webinar: Sharpen your skills with Sporty's Academy.
If you haven't been flying as much as usual, this fast-paced webinar is for you. Two experienced flight instructors at Sporty's flight school offer helpful tips for improving your flying. Presented live on Thursday, July 30, at 2pm eastern. Sign Up >>

Live Stream: Sporty's store.
Step inside Sporty's store at the Sporty's/Clermont County Airport (I69) in Batavia, Ohio. We'll go hands-on with some popular products, including iPad mounts and kneeboards. Presented live on Friday, July 31 at noon eastern. Watch live on Sporty's YouTube page >>

Show Specials: Sporty's E6B.
This best-selling electronic flight computer, approved for use on FAA tests, is only $49.95 this week—an incredible value. You'll also find savings on the Air Scan II radio, Flight Gear flashlights, and your last chance to take advantage of the Bose special. Shop all specials >>

Video: Oshkosh memories.
July just isn't the same without Oshkosh. Here's our brief tribute to a great event, and our hopes that we can all get together next year. Watch on YouTube >>


Previous events

Week 1 
: Pilot’s Guide to Headsets. 
Learn how to choose the right headset, plus tips for better cockpit audio, from Sporty’s headset expert Doug Ranly. It's an hour of honest opinions and practical advice. Watch the recording here >>
Fun flying video: What it’s like to skydive. 
Ever wondered what it’s like to open the airshow at Oshkosh by jumping out of an airplane? Join experienced pilot and skydiver JP Shulze for a thrilling look at the world of skydiving. Watch on YouTube >>
Contest: Catalog Cover Photos. 
Send us your best aviation sunset picture and we’ll pick one winner to appear on a future Sporty’s catalog cover. Send your photo, along with picture information and your name, to: 
Live stream: Hands-on with aviation headsets, from Sporty’s store. 
Join us for a live look at the most popular aviation headsets, from Bose to Lightspeed to David Clark. We’ll be live in Sporty’s store at the Clermont County Airport. Watch the recording on Sporty’s Facebook page >>
Product videos: Virtual tradeshow booth visits.
While you can't walk through the hangars at AirVenture, we have the next best thing, with hands-on product demos from Sporty's partners. This week you can watch videos from Lightspeed, Yaesu, and David Clark. Watch on Sporty's YouTube channel >> 
Week 2 
Webinar: ForeFlight—What's New and Advanced Features.
Join ForeFlight's Phil Inman as he takes you through some of the latest ForeFlight features and releases including, 3D, multi-tasking, and Internet Traffic. Phil is a member of the Pilot Support Team at ForeFlight. He started flying late in life after years of dreaming about it, and is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot. Watch the recording here >>

: iPad Proficiency Check.

This presentation from Sporty’s and iPad Pilot News covers a wide range of practical topics on flying with the iPad and the ForeFlight Mobile app. Led by Bret Koebbe, an active pilot at Sporty’s Pilot Shop and head of the video department, this info-packed presentation will explore topics applicable to pilots of all iPad experience levels. Watch the recording here >>
Live Stream: Sporty's video team.
Meet the team behind the courses you use. We'll go behind the scenes to see our next training course as it's being developed, from the video editing to 3D animations. Watch the recording on Sporty's Instagram page >>

Fun Video:
 Flying the FISK Arrival
See what it's like to merge with traffic and fly down the railroad tracks to OSH, complete with ATC audio. Hint: it's busy! Watch on YouTube >>

Contest: Virtual Poker Run.
Share your ForeFlight track log of a flight you made in July, with at least five waypoints. One winner gets a Sentry ADS-B Receiver. Details in this article >>

Product videos: Virtual tradeshow booth visits.
While you can't walk through the hangars at AirVenture, we have the next best thing, with hands-on product demos from Sporty's partners. This week you can watch videos from Flight Outfitters, flyGIRL, and Sporty's portable radios. Watch on Sporty's YouTube channel >> 

Show specials: Redbird flight simulators. 
Save $100 on the complete Redbird Alloy kit, plus special offers on the Jay and TD2 all-in-one home simulators. Check back for more specials every week. Shop all specials >>

Week 3
Show Specials: Lightspeed Zulu 3.
For a limited time you can save $100 on the incredible Lightspeed Zulu 3 ANR headset. This lightweight, comfortable, quiet, and technologically advanced headset is only $750—and shipping is free! Shop Now >>

Webinar: Redbird Flight Simulators and Trainers.
Finding the right simulator can be a daunting and intimidating task. Join Josh Harnagel from Redbird Flight Simulation as he demystifies what qualities to look for in a trainer and how a Redbird simulator will cover the gamut of what is needed. Whether it's keeping checklist flows fluid, strengthening stick and rudder skills, or flying a challenging approach down to minimums. We'll cover the systems available from the Redbird fleet, and how best to utilize them. Watch the video recording on YouTube >>
Webinar: Flight Simulators: What Pilots Need to Know.
We all know that flight simulators can provide a huge value in flight training but they can also do damage if not used properly. In this talk, we will discuss how to use simulators effectively and how to avoid making mistakes that will degrade your flying skills. We also review the most popular hardware options for home flight simulator use. Watch the video recording on YouTube >>
Contest: Fisk Arrivial Simulator Session.
See how well you can fly the famous Oshkosh arrival in a flight simulator. Find a Redbird near you (including TD/TD2 or Jay) and fly the FISK arrival mission; if you can't find a Redbird nearby, fly it on X-Plane and log your flight with ForeFlight track logs. When you've flown your virtual Oshkosh flight, share it with us: One winner receives a $100 Sporty's gift card.

Fun Video: Formation aerobatics in 360VR
Go flying with the famous Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, a favorite performance at AirVenture, to see their precision flying from the back seat of a T-6. The video is shot in 360 degrees, so you can move the camera around as you fly. Watch on Sporty's YouTube channel >>

Week 4 
Fun Video: Patty Wagstaff aerobatics routine in VR/360.
Ride along with the legendary airshow pilot as she narrates one of her incredible routines. Shot in stunning 360-degree video, you can move the camera around - like you're sitting in the front seat of the airplane! Watch on YouTube >>

Webinar: Garmin new product update.
Learn about the latest portable avionics from Garmin, including the large screen aera 760 GPS, the impressive D2 Delta watches, the GDL 52 weather receiver, and the inReach satellite communicators. Watch recording on YouTube >>

Webinar: IFR Quiz Hour.
Join us for 20 questions on IFR flying, from instrument approach procedures to weather forecasts. We'll present the question, let you answer and then discuss the right answer. It's a great way to learn more about instrument flying. If you can go 20 for 20, you'll win a prize! Watch recording on YouTube >>

Live Stream:
Tri-State Warbird Museum.

We'll take you inside this beautiful museum, located across the runway from Sporty's at the Clermont County Airport, to see a P-51, P-40, B-25, and more—all in flying condition! Watch the recording on Sporty's Facebook page.

Webinar: Your roadmap to success in flight training.
Learning to fly will unlock a lifetime of opportunities and give you unparalleled freedom to see the world. It is a truly unique experience—one of the last great adventures in our modern life. It is challenging, rewarding and flat out fun! But how do I get started? Join the flight training experts at Sporty’s as they outline a roadmap for success in learning to fly and discuss what to expect and how to prepare for the flight training process. These expert tips will enhance your learning experience and save you time and money. Watch on EAA's website >>

Video: Virtual exhibit hall.
Simulate the experience of walking the hangars at Oshkosh with new videos from some of Sporty's partners. This week's videos include Appareo and Flight Gear. Watch on YouTube >>

Concert: Rob Reider home concert!
The host of Sporty's videos for over 20 years and a well-known airshow announcer, Rob is also an accomplished musician. Join him in his home studio for a live performance. Watch the video on Sporty's Instagram page >>