The Contest

Review the six finalists below, then visit Sporty's Facebook page to vote for your favorite. The top vote-getter will win a Stratus Power TSO'd charging port and a Pro subscription to Sporty's Takeoff App - over $400 in prizes.

The Finalists

Week 1 - congratulations to Arie Friedman, who is the first winner of a $200 Sporty's Gift Card! He used his Stratus to log a training flight around Waukegan Airport, north of Chicago, then uploaded his track log to CloudAhoy for debriefing. The app's automatic segmenting tools picked out David's steep turns, stop and go landings and more. Check out the screen shots below - you can see his bank angle and the shape of the steep turn (nice job!) and the distance it took on his landing.

Steep turns:

CloudAhoy steep turn


Stop and go:

CloudAhoy landing




Week 2 - congratulations to Ron McCormick, the winner of our second $200 Sporty's gift card. He shared a flight from May 22, 2017, which was an Air Safaris flying tour of the UK and Ireland. As Ron says, "This flight is unique in that we departed Enniskillen Northern Ireland and had to clear customs in Donegal, Ireland. There were troughs of low pressure rolling through producing IFR conditions. One came through as we were a few miles out of Donegal and we detoured out over the coast where we circled 7-8 times (at 500 ft AGL) waiting for weather to clear. Had ForeFlight on Linda's iPad and I used SkyDemon on my iPad mini for navigating using the local waypoints to see local sights. I like to have ForeFlight on one device since that is what I comfortable using and use in stateside flying. The new Jeppesen data bases make ForeFlight usable all over. Having tracklogs on stratus allows us to go back and see flight on Google Earth and get the names of castles, lighthouses, etc. Would recommend Air Safaris air tours to everyone. Flying in foreign country is great way to see a lot of country. Have been on Air Safaris Australia tour and loved it."

Here's a screenshot of Ron's track log in CloudAhoy, where you can see his circles over the coast. Click on the image for a full size screenshot.

Stratus track log Ireland




Week 3 - congratulations to John Schmotzer, who's based at Blake Field in Delta, Colorado. He's the winner of our third $200 Sporty's gift card. He shared his Stratus track log of a skydive run to 14,000 feet, "complete with a power-off 180 for good practice." Not your typical flight profile!

Stratus Skydive FDR 



Week 4 - congratulations to Mark Slayton, based at Millington, Tennessee. He's the winner of the fourth $200 Sporty's Gift Card. Mark shared the Stratus track log from his recent flight, and it was an interesting one: Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba. The screenshot below, from CloudAhoy, shows his trip across the Straits of Florida and his arrival into Cuba (click on image for full size).

Stratus track log KEYW to Cuba




Week 5 - Jeff Carlson of Ohio is the winner of this week's $200 Sporty's Gift Card. He shared a Stratus track log from his private pilot checkride on July 2, 2017. You can see the takeoff, the landings, and all the maneuvers in flight. The multiple views in CloudAhoy and the attitude playback from Stratus makes for a complete debrief.

Stratus checkride track log




Week 6 - Our final Stratus FDR winner is Al Friend from Michigan. He went up for some IFR proficiency flying, and captured the track logs. These are great for debriefing an instrument flight, as you can see the airplane's airspeed and altitude on final approach, and even overlay the final approach course on the map. In the screenshot below, you can see Al just right of the localizer, but correcting back towards it as he approaches the final approach fix. You can also see the glideslope and his attitude (logged by Stratus) on the right side. It's a fantastic tool for determining just how precisely an approach was flown. Click on the image for full size.

Stratus FDR winner week 6