Sporty’s Webinar Series

Sporty's Webinar Series

Sporty’s is pleased to offer its Webinar Series as a new service to customers. These live, multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can participate in a variety of ways.

Sporty’s Webinar Series will touch on a variety of topics from training to new products and services to help you stay informed. For your convenience, all webinars will be archived so you can attend anytime your schedule permits.

  • Stay informed and current
  • Convenient and easy-to-use webinar format
  • Opportunity to participate and ask questions
  • Delivered by the expert staff at Sporty’s

Registration is required, and space is limited

Webinars Archive

2016 Schedule

10 things you should know about flying with ForeFlightThursday, June 28:00pm ETAngela Anderson, ForeFlightSign Up

ForeFlight, aviation’s most popular app for pilots, now blends flight planning, charts, aviation weather, airport information, document information and even synthetic vision into one complete resource. But like any software, there’s a lot to learn and some time spent exploring the advanced features and shortcuts can really pay off. Join Sporty's John Zimmerman and ForeFlight's Angela Anderson for an engaging webinar that will make you more confident with the app. Follow along with your iPad and add these 10 tips and tricks to your ForeFlight know-how.

What’s new in Aviation HeadsetsThursday, July 148:00pm ETJohn Zimmerman and Doug RanlySign Up

Headset technology has advanced rapidly, which means the features and choices in aviation headsets can be down right overwhelming. ANR, passive, panel-powered, Bluetooth, TSO’d? And how about the new selection of wireless aviation headsets? Do they really work?

You can become an informed consumer without hours of boring research. Join headset gurus John Zimmerman and Doug Ranly as they demystify the world of aviation headsets, share what’s new, and highlight the features important to you. Honest advice from two active general aviation pilots.

John Zimmerman serves as vice president of Sporty’s Pilot Shop and editor of Air Facts Journal. John is also an accomplished pilot holding a commercial certification with muliengine, glider and seaplane ratings as well as rotary wing. His flying ranges from the Citabria to a Pilatus to a Robinson R44. John’s vast aviation experience and regular evaluation of aviation headsets makes him uniquely suited to offer a candid review.

Doug Ranly leads the Sporty’s team responsible for the evaluation of pilot products, including aviation headsets, offered through the world-famous Sporty’s Pilot Shop. An experienced pilot, Doug’s 15+ years of piloting experience have proven what works in aviation headsets... and what doesn’t. As Sporty’s most prolific product evaluator, Doug brings a refreshingly honest assessment of aviation headsets.

ATP Training Requirements - What You Need to KnowThursday, August 258:00pm ETPaul Jurgens and Eric RadtkeSign Up

The ATP certification rule has revamped the requirements and process for obtaining an airline transport pilot certificate. The rule requires pilots to hold an air transport pilot certificate in order to fly for an airline.

As part of these changes, regulations were also created for the new Restricted ATP (R-ATP) and the ATP Certification Training Program requirements that mandate all ATP applicants for complete ground training in order to be eligible for the written exam for ATP multiengine.

Join Sporty’s Chief Flight Instructors Eric Radtke and Paul Jurgens for a comprehensive overview of the new requirements as they guide you through the complex new requirements.  Get your questions answered in this interactive presentation.

Paul Jurgens is vice president and chief instructor at Sporty’s Academy and teaches commercial flight operations and meteorology at the University of Cincinnati. A Master Designated Flight and Ground Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot, Paul’s teaching responsibilities also include multiengine, glider and airline transport pilot. Paul leads the Sporty’s publications team and is a regular contributor to Sporty’s flight training blog at

Eric Radtke serves as president and chief operating officer of Sporty’s Academy, the education division of Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Director of Aviation at the University of Cincinnati. A gold seal flight instructor and airline transport pilot, Eric is a senior captain in the Sporty’s Corporate Flight Department. Eric also serves as editor of Sporty’s flight training blog at

Garmin Avionics – ADS-B Academy and Product UpdatesThursday, September 158:00pm ETMichael KerriganSign Up

Discover all that ADS-B has to offer in this Garmin ADS-B Academy presentation from Garmin’s Michael Kerrigan. This informative presentation will cover the ins & outs of ADS-B technology and solutions including the latest products available for the flight deck.

Don’t delay! The 2020 ADS-B Out mandate is quickly approaching. Learn from the experts at Garmin what exactly will be needed and start planning for your upgrade.

Space is limited, so enroll now.

Weather Flying and the iPadThursday, October 138:00pm ETScott Dennstaedt and John ZimmermanSign Up

Join weather guru Scott Dennstaedt and Sporty’s John Zimmerman as they explore the ForeFlight app, the Stratus ADS-B receiver and how to use both for safer weather flying. From the basics of weather theory to real world tips about flying with ForeFlight, this webinar is packed with information you can use on your next flight.

Scott Dennstaedt, well-known for his aviation weather expertise for many years, now leads the ForeFlight team in the role of Weather Scientist.  His background and experience as a CFI and research meteorologist provide a unique set of qualifications to lead you through a variety of real-world scenarios to make you a safer, better-informed pilot.

10 Tips Every iPad Pilot Should KnowThursday, November 108:00pm ETBret KoebbeSign Up

The iPad has quickly become required equipment for many pilots and there's no question it has increased safety and reduced the costs associated with flying. 10 tips every iPad pilot should know will include a series of insightful recommendations, strategies and other insight that pilots of all experience levels should know when flying with the iPad.

Topics include hidden software features, iPad "gotchas", flying with ADS-B weather, ForeFlight tips, preflighting your iPad, battery management, mounting, aviation apps you haven't heard of and much more.

Bret Koebbe is vice president and senior flight instructor for Sporty’s Academy. In addition to Bret’s teaching responsibilities, Bret leads Sporty’s video production and app development team and serves as editor of the popular iPad Pilot News online journal. As an airline transport pilot, Bret is a senior captain in Sporty’s corporate flight department. Bret is a highly respected resource in the area of electronic flight bag operations. His presentations throughout the country regularly reach capacity.