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Episode 80. ATC from both sides of the mic, with Kevin Plante

Many pilots are intimidated by Air Traffic Control, but veteran controller Kevin Plante says “we’re just another set of eyes for you.” He explains the details of ATC in this wide-ranging episode, including how he handles IFR and VFR traffic differently, what the spacing requirements are for wake turbulence, and when it’s OK to speak plain English on the radio. Kevin is also a very experienced GA pilot, so he shares his perspective from the other side of the microphone, including how he plans a flight knowing what he does about routes and weather. In the Ready to Copy segment, Kevin talks about Special VFR, the one technology he wishes he had at the radar scope, and his favorite bourbon. 

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Introducing the Captain’s Debriefing Shot Glass Gift Set

Take your post-flight tradition to the next level with Sporty’s new Captain’s Debriefing Shot Glass Gift Set. Designed to commemorate the adventures and accomplishments of aviators, this unique collection is the perfect way to celebrate successful flights, toast future journeys, and enjoy the camaraderie of the aviation community.

The Captain’s Debriefing Shot Glass Gift Set includes four glasses, each cleverly labeled with a different phase of flight:  Departure, Enroute, Arrival and Debrief.

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Introducing the Flight Gear Emergency Backup Battery

Sporty’s is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Flight Gear Emergency Backup Battery, designed to enhance flight deck safety by providing backup power for your electronic flight bag (iPad/iPhone) and other portable devices. This reliable backup battery is sure to provide pilots with the peace of mind that they will never run out of battery power when it is needed most.

The Flight Gear Emergency Backup Battery delivers rapid charging capabilities in a compact design, making it an ideal travel companion.


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What is ATOMATOFLAMES per FAR 91.205?

Mnemonic acronyms are wonderful mechanisms for condensing complex terms, phrases or lists into something more manageable to commit to memory.  Aviation has its fair share of clever—and sometimes silly—recall devices, which stands to reason when there is critically important information that should be committed to memory.

Speaking of clever and silly, "ATOMATOFLAMES" is a mnemonic acronym used to help pilots remember the critical components required for aircraft airworthiness for daytime flight in visual (VFR) conditions. Each letter in ATOMATOFLAMES corresponds to a specific item that must be operational before takeoff.  This equipment list can be found in § 91.205.

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Episode 79. Checkride pressure and flying piston twins, with Jason Blair

Scheduling a checkride in 2024 might mean waiting three months. What’s going on, and how can applicants prepare for the big day? Longtime examiner Jason Blair shares a host of helpful tips is this episode, including: why DPEs are overwhelmed, what critical skill pilots need to demonstrate, what CFIs can do to support their client, and what technology can be used on the checkride. Jason also spends a lot of time flying cabin class piston twins, so he offers advice for new owners and explains why middle altitude weather can be a challenge. In the Ready to Copy segment, Jason talks about flight training stats, defensive flying tips, and whether you have to be in a cloud to log actual IFR.

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Sporty’s Introduces “Got-em on the Fish Finder” T-Shirt

Pilots and aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the new Fish Finder T-Shirt from Sporty’s, a design that combines humor with comfort and style. Featuring a " Got’em on the Fish Finder " banner, this T-shirt is sure to turn heads and spark conversations wherever you go. In addition to its comedic value, the T-shirt is a great way to connect with fellow aviators. Whether you're a pilot looking to showcase your love for flying or an aviation enthusiast seeking a conversation-starter piece, the Fish Finder T-Shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

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Introducing the Flight Gear Pull-Down Tie-Down Kit

Sporty’s is proud to introduce the Flight Gear Pull-Down Tie-Down Kit—the simple and reliable solution for keeping your aircraft secure.  Featuring an innovative rope-ratcheting system, which allows for quick and effortless tightening and release, this device is designed with the pilot in mind. Simply attach one of the coated hooks to the aircraft and the other hook to the tie-down anchor point. Then, with very little effort, pull the rope through the automatic ratcheting system to secure the aircraft. When you are ready to fly, use the quick-release trigger on the ratcheting mechanism to release the ropes. It is that simple and quick, with no complicated knots or manual ratcheting required.


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Episode 78. Young pilots and ditching tips, with Amy Laboda

A new generation of kids is entering the aviation industry right now, and that’s exciting for Amy Laboda. The longtime flight instructor and writer explains why today’s student pilots are different, how writing can make you a better pilot, and what new flight instructors need to succeed. Amy also shares the lessons learned from ditching a Cessna 210 off Key West, including the critical skill to practice and what survival gear matters. In the Ready to Copy segment, Amy describes a good passenger briefing, picks her favorite Van’s airplane, and shares what it’s like to live on an airpark.

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Sporty’s Introduces Professional Logbook Covers

Sporty’s recently released its logbook covers as a stylish and practical way for pilots to carry and protect their logbook and other important documents. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Sporty’s Professional Logbook Covers combine elegance with functionality, making each one an ideal gift, and the essential accessory for pilots who value the perfect blend of style and practicality.

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Sporty’s Launches Free Aerobatics App for Apple Vision Pro

Sporty’s recently released a breakthrough app, Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff for Apple Vision Pro, which promises to revolutionize the way pilots and aviation enthusiasts experience the thrill of aerobatics. The app offers a safe and engaging pathway to experience the complexities of aerobatic flight maneuvers through immersive 360-degree video. Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff allows users to sit in the cockpit virtually with Patty Wagstaff as she demonstrates a variety of aerobatic maneuvers

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