Pivot / Flyboys

FlyBoys was founded in 1995 by a US Air Force F-16 pilot who introduced the FlyBoys FB1316 “Viper” Kneeboard, which set the standard then and continues to be in widespread use around the world today. Since then, FlyBoys has introduced an array of superior quality pilot gear designed to meet pilot needs while withstanding extremely demanding operational environments. In 2014, as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) began proliferating across the aviation industry, FlyBoys created the PIVOT EFB System to provide a safe and secure means of protecting and mounting EFB devices to numerous aircraft types. PIVOT EFB System products include highly functional protective tablet cases, mounts and accessories which are currently utilized by over 150 commercial airliners and over 100 military squadrons around the globe. If you are looking for a product that protects your EFB device and an integrated system that you can take with you as your EFB demands evolve, look no further. PIVOT. Better Connection. Better Protection.

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