Sporty’s Webinar Series

Sporty’s is pleased to offer its Webinar Series to our valued customers. These live, multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can participate in a variety of ways.

Sporty’s Webinar Series will touch on a variety of topics from training to new products and services to help you stay informed. For your convenience, all webinars will be archived so you can attend anytime your schedule permits.

  • Stay informed and current
  • Convenient and easy-to-use webinar format
  • Opportunity to participate and ask questions
  • Delivered by the expert staff at Sporty’s

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2018 Schedule

Get the most from ForeFlight - Advanced tips for aviation’s top appThursday, June 288:00pm ETForeFlight's Ryan McBrideSign Up

ForeFlight, the most popular app for pilots, blends flight planning, charts, aviation weather, airport information, documents, synthetic vision and even a logbook into one complete resource . But like any software, there’s a lot to learn and new features being added continuously. Spending some time exploring what’s new, the advanced features, and shortcuts can really pay off. This is a great webinar for experienced ForeFlight users looking to go beyond the basics. Join Ryan McBride, lead product designer at ForeFlight, for some expert advice on getting the most from your app.

Ryan McBride - Ryan is Lead Product Designer at ForeFlight. He has been flying since he was seventeen and received his Private Pilot license from the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at The University of North Dakota.

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ADS-B Update – Equipping for 2020Thursday, August 28:00pm ETSporty's John ZimmermanSign Up

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (better known as ADS-B) is quickly becoming a reality. Unfortunately, much of the information related to ADS-B is unnecessarily confusing. While ADS-B may be confusing, it’s probably the most important technological change you will experience as a pilot over the next two decades. So it’s worth the effort to learn this new language as the 2020 deadline for ADS-B Out equipage looms. Learn about the leading panel-mount ADS-B solutions plus the exciting developments in the portable market. We’ll cut through the jargon so you understand what’s important—and what’s not.

John Zimmerman - John serves as vice president of Sporty’s Pilot Shop and editor of Air Facts Journal. John is also an accomplished pilot holding a commercial certification with muliengine, glider and seaplane ratings as well as rotary wing. His flying ranges from the Citabria to a Pilatus to a Robinson R44. Recognized for his comprehensive understanding of ADS-B and applications for the flight deck, John is a highly sought-after speaker having presented at numerous industry conferences and events.

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