New Video Segments in Sporty's 2019 Instrument Rating Course


At the end of the day, flying IFR means mastering instrument approaches. Sporty's 2019 Instrument Rating Course puts you in the cockpit for a variety of approaches in real world conditions, from big airline airports to quiet strips of pavement in the mountains. New segments share practical tips for smoother approaches.

We also explain the intricacies of WAAS approaches, including the differences between LPV and LNAV+V. You'll see new avionics like the Garmin GTN 650/750 as well as traditional round gauges.

Approach screenshot

Sporty's team of animators creates dozens of sophisticated animations to make complicated procedures come to life, so you'll have the confidence to answer the examiner's questions on the checkride.

Approach plate graphic



Weather flying is an essential part of IFR, and we believe weather should be learned from the cockpit, not from a textbook. New segments explain how to find a smooth ride, and when it's OK to stick your nose in a cloud. All the weather theory is here, but the emphasis is on making smarter in-flight decisions based on the view from the left seat.

Clouds from cockpit

We also show how datalink weather can make flying safer, with time-tested strategies for using SiriusXM and ADS-B. What weather products are available? When should you be suspicious of datalink weather? What's the difference between base and composite radar? We explore all these topics and more.

Weather screenshot

Another new segment explores the world of electronic flight bag apps like ForeFlight, and shows how to use portable ADS-B receivers for improved situational awareness. If you're flying IFR, there's a good chance you'll be using an iPad - we'll show you how to do it safely.

iPad on leg


ATC and Communications

Beyond approaches and weather, the third main pillar of IFR flying has to do with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the IFR system. We've expanded our communications sections, with more practical tips for communicating clearly and professionally. You'll ride along with professional pilots to hear how it's done every day, and learn some phrases you should never say.

Communications with crew

One of the keys to fitting into the IFR system is understanding how it all works. In Sporty's 2019 Instrument Rating Course, you'll go behind the scenes with ATC to see what they see. You'll also meet a controller and learn how pilots and controllers can work together for safer, smoother operations.

Radar ID

Finally, we'll explain how airspace is used for IFR routing, how to get the route you want, and when shortcuts might be available. It's all part of our focus on learning about instrument flying beyond the basics, and our graphics make it easy to understand.



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