John Zimmerman

Lightspeed Flight Instructor Appreciation Program

Whether you’re a flight instructor making flying safer and enriching the experience of new pilots, or a professional pilot helping corporations and nonprofits achieve their missions, Lightspeed wants to reward you for the hours you spend in the air, and the care and skills you exercise in your profession. That’s why Lightspeed offers a special rebate of $100 when you purchase a Zulu 3. 


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Hands-on with the new Garmin aera 760 GPS

It’s been four years since Garmin launched the aera 660, and some pilots have been wondering whether the avionics giant would ever develop another portable aviation GPS. Their electronic flight bag app, Garmin Pilot, has won thousands of fans over the years and their wireless weather receivers, like the GDL 52, are found in everything from 172s to Citations. Are those products the only option now? This week Garmin answered with an emphatic “no,” by introducing the impressive aera 760. We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and we like what we’ve seen.


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