5 ways to use Sporty's Learn to Fly course

For the cost of a single flight lesson, our Learn to Fly course will save you hours of time in the air and hundreds of dollars. The step-by-step video lessons are better than ground school, helping you prepare for your next flight lesson ahead of time so you spend less time reviewing and more time learning. It also includes complete FAA written test preparation (including the required flight instructor endorsement), a training syllabus, maneuvers guide, and the full Airman Certification Standards cross-referenced to the video segments. This course is so complete, we guarantee you'll pass all three tests required to earn your pilot certificate - written, oral, and checkride - or we'll give you your money back.

Choose one of the options below to start training.


Our most popular option allows you to train anywhere you have an internet connection. There is no software to install; just log in and start using the course. It works with almost all modern web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox - even on mobile devices. Our online course has an intelligent video player that senses the speed of your internet connection and automatically adjusts video quality so you spend less time waiting for videos to play. You can even connect the course to your ForeFlight digital logbook, and officially log your written test endorsement. Learn more

Sporty's Learn to Fly Course online


iPad/iPhone App

For pilots on the go, our dedicated app is a powerful training tool. It includes the entire course, from test prep to training syllabus, and can be used on both an iPhone and an iPad. Video segments can be saved for offline viewing, which makes it convenient if you don't always have access to an internet connection. Also, progress is synched via iCloud, so you can move between devices seamlessly without losing your place. Learn more

Sporty's Learn to Fly App


Apple TV App

The newest option is perfect for your big screen TV, using the latest generation Apple TV. This set-top box is an easy way to watch videos from the internet, but it can also run dedicated apps. Our Learn to Fly app lets you watch every video segment from the course, all in HD. Progress is synched with the iPad/iPhone app, so you can move back and forth anytime - in fact, your purchase of the Apple TV app gives you full access to the iOS app. Learn more

Apple TV app for Sporty's Learn to Fly Course



Sometimes you can't beat a TV and a comfortable couch. That's why, for over 15 years, we have offered the entire course on DVD. There is no technology to mess with and no internet connection required; simply insert the 9 DVDs and start watching. You still have access to our interactive online test prep, including an automatic written test endorsement, and the complete Airman Certification Standards. Learn more

Learn to Fly DVD course


Deluxe Kits

For the ultimate package, our Deluxe Course Kits offer everything you need to get started - just add flight instructor! We include a high-quality Flight Gear HP bag (not a junky "giveaway" bag), plus our Electronic E6B Flight Computer, plotter, fuel tester, essential FAA textbooks, and even a logbook. Save when you buy as a kit. Learn more

Deluxe course kit


Your choice

There really isn't a bad choice here - all of the options include the same award-winning video content, plus test prep and all the other training resources. It's simply a matter of choosing which format is most convenient for the way you train. 


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