Top 5 Products for Flying with Kids

We’ve all been there.  After many months, or possibly years, of hard work, you’ve finally received your pilot’s license.  Inevitably, you will want to share the wonders of aviation with friends and family members.  There is nothing more awe-inspiring than seeing the look on children’s faces the first time they fly in a small airplane.  Giving that experience to youth should be high on your list of aviation accomplishments.

But do you have the right equipment for flying kids? Here are the top 5 products you need to help make sure kids have an enjoyable flight. 

#1 Headset

Depending on age and head size, some headsets might not fit well on youth.  The smaller the child, the more fitting issues you may have with headsets.  Several headset manufacturers make youth size headsets. These are similar to the adult counterparts, but with smaller headbands. David Clark and Sigtronics offer youth models in the $200-$350 range. Personally, I’ve used Bose headsets on both of my children as young as age four and they worked great.  The overhead cam mechanism is ideal for small heads, and the ANR provides excellent hearing protection for their sensitive ears.

#2 Booster Seat

If they are going to sit in the front seat, seeing over the dash is a must. Cranking up the seat height will only do so much. Grab an elevator seat cushion and your passengers will be much happier.

#3 Barf Bags

Not all your flights will be silky smooth. Having a few extra Zip-Loc bags for the unexpected will make clean up much easier. Check out the Better Barf Bags. In addition to have a Zip-Loc top, they have a gusseted bottom to better stand on the floor when filled. 

#4 Giveaway

Pictures are great, but giving kids a small memento to take with them will greatly increase the impact of the flight. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on gifts, but sticker from the FBO or small keychain could mean the world to a child. Grab a bunch of these nice metal pilot wings from Sporty’s and you’ll really make them smile.  

#5 Video Camera

Want to preserve the memory? Take a video of the flight to share with their parents.  Depending on your type of camera, you can usually purchase an intercom interface cable.  This allows you to record the intercom activity instead of only hearing the roar of the engine.  Make sure you mount the camera so it records the kid’s face during takeoff.  It’s priceless.  


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