PIREP: Flying Eyes Sunglasses

Flying Eyes Sunglasses offer a unique combination of style and practicality. The sleek, flexible frames prioritize comfort during extended wear. Constructed from lightweight, durable materials, these sunglasses ensure you can focus on your journey without the distraction of uncomfortable eyewear.Flying Eyes


Five reasons why we love Flying Eyes Sunglasses

  1. Super thin temples. Thick sunglasses can break the seal and let noise into your headset. Flying Eyes temples are specially designed to be ultra thin. This means your ear seals can still block out noise.
  2. Flexible temples. In addition to being ultra thin, the temples bend and flex with the contour of your head. This provides all day comfort, even on long duty days with multiple legs. 
  3. Non-polarized lens. Many of the screens we use in the cockpit can already be polarized. When viewing a polarized screen with polarized sunglasses, the screen can appear black at certain angles. An artificial GPS screen failure is a big distraction in the cockpit.
  4. Gradient gray lens. Darker when looking outside the aircraft, yet lighter with looking at the inside panel. No need to remove your sunglasses to check your iPad’s navigation app. 
  5. Easy to stow. Thin design is easy to tuck away in a pocket, and the included case helps protect them from getting tossed around in your flight bag. 

As the name suggests, Flying Eyes sunglasses were specially designed for pilots. Give them a shot and they’ll quickly become your favorite shades inside and outside the cockpit.  


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