Flight Gear Mods

Customize your Flight Gear Bag with Sporty’s Gear Mods. These modular storage compartments allow you match your bag to your mission. Each bag in Sporty’s Flight Gear HP line has a internal gear wall with a soft felt material. This is the perfect mounting point for hook and loop Gear Mods. Have a backup iPad? Grab a Gear Mod and stick it to the back wall.

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  • headset pictured - not included

    Headset Pouch Gear Mod

  • Small Accessory Gear Mod

    Small Accessory Gear Mod

  • Large Accessory Gear Mod

    Large Accessory Gear Mod

  • Sunglasses Holder Gear Mod

    Sunglasses Holder Gear Mod

  • iPad Mini pictured - not included

    iPad Mini Gear Mod

  • iPad pictured - not included

    iPad Air/Pro 9.7 Gear Mod

  • With SP-400 radio (not included)

    Transceiver Holder Gear Mod


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Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)