Aviation radios through the years—six decades of change

Radios have been used by pilots for over 100 years, so it's no surprise they have been part of Sporty's offering since the very beginning of the company. In fact, the first product Hal Shevers sold from the trunk of his Studebaker was a Realtone Voyager radio (model TR-970). Since then technology has advanced and prices have dropped, but we still design our own radios. Our goal is to make the easiest-to-use, most reliable radios for pilots.

Here's a look at some of the radios we've sold over the years.



Product: Channel Master

Key features: Receive VHF and AM frequencies on a portable radio, complete with a leather carrying case.

Price: $54.95 ($456.32 today)

Channel Master



Product: Zenith Royal E94Y

Key features: 6-band receiver, including AM and FM, weighed a hefty 5 lbs.

Price: $99.95 ($530.33 today)

Zenith radio



Products: Sony Air-8 and Sporty's Air-Scan

Key features: A powerful scanner from electronics giant Sony and a desktop receiver custom-designed by Sporty's.

Price: $269.00 ($677.24 today) and $79.95 ($201.28 today)

Sony Air-8 and Sporty's Air-Scan



Product: Sporty's A300 

Key features: Sporty's first transceiver moved beyond just listening to transmissions to become a valuable backup option for talking to Air Traffic Control.

Price: $365.00 ($730.51)

A-300 ad



Product: Sporty's SP-200

Key features: Third generation Sporty's transceiver added localizer display for backup navigation—a first in a portable radio.

Price: $299.00 ($441.88 today)




Product: Sporty's SP-400

Key features: Top-of-the-line model with a huge screen and full ILS display—the ultimate backup radio.

Price: $399.00 ($478.64 today)

SP-400 ad



Product: PJ2 COM Radio

Key features: The only portable radio with built-in headset jacks, the PJ2 is ideal for emergency use and costs under $200.

Price: $199.00

PJ2 COM radio

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