Top 5 Aviation-Themed Home Decor Products

#1. Wooden Props


These can be as simple or as fancy as you want and there are options on how to display them. Depending on the propeller, or your determination, you can mount these on a wall or simply lean them in a corner for an interesting accent to any room. 

- At the top end of the spectrum, there’s the Six-foot Sensenich Wooden Display Propeller. These gorgeous propellers are the real deal, or just a step below. Right from the Sensenich factory in Plant City, Florida, this Propeller is crafted from yellow birch wood featuring a clear lacquer finish with hand-painted olive tips and polished brass edging. Center hub includes stamped serial numbers and, on the back of the hub, the words “not airworthy” appear. While it’s not airworthy, it’s definitely worthy of a place of honor in any home or office. 

- Coming in at around $150 is the Vintage Wooden Propeller with painted tips. It’s modeled after the flying machines during WWI and the roaring 20s. This authentic reproduction is hand-crafted of solid wood, just like the originals. This propeller is also 6 feet long and it includes hanging hardware. It’s the best value for the size.  

- If you’re looking for something less dominating but still a wonder to look at, there’s a 46-inch Vintage Style Propeller. At only $29.99 this propeller is a steal for a unique aviation gift. It’s hand-crafted from wood and features hand-painted black tips accompanied by a red stripe. The center hub has chrome plated tacks to simulate bolts, and a keyhole hanger mounted on the back for easy hanging.

#2. Door Mats and Hall Runners

- These mats all have three things in common: they are durable, functional, and perfect for pilots. This Premium Plush Runner is a great option for leading people to your sanctuary whether that’s your office, garage, or bar. They feature runway markings, plush carpet, and a diamond cut pattern. 


- Looking for something to welcome guests as well as send them off right? The Arrivals and Departures doormat is just the thing. It’s made of waterproof, UV-stable carpet and has a durable non-skid backing so it’s at perfect inside or out.
- Looking for a funny doormat? Here’s a classic version with a truth cannot be denied: “A Pilot and A Normal Person Live Here.” We’ve found that most pilots actually take this as a compliment. 

#3. Wall Art

- What’s a better plane to add to your wall than your own? There isn't one, so we have found the perfect way to replicate your tail number in all its glory. These Custom Tail Number Replica Signs are reproduced to match your desired tail number, be it your own, your friend’s or maybe an old family airplane. It makes a great talking piece for any room. All we need is a good picture of the tail you want to replicate.

Custom Tail Number Sign
pin up sign
vintage sign 
- Looking for some vintage appeal perfect for a hangar or den? These Vintage Aviation Metal Signs look great and come with a rustic look - as if it was salvaged from Pa’s barn. Plenty of options to choose from and a great gift, guaranteed. 
- Need a man-cave-worthy sign to get your testosterone flowing? (Insert Tim the Tool Man grunt here) Well, these Pin-Up Metal Riveted Signs are what you need. Featuring Pin-Up style artwork that would be right at home on the nose of a B-17, it’ll be right at home next to your card table or bar.

#4. Christmas-Themed Decor

Fly boy santa- The Fly Boy Santa Figurine is an all-time favorite during the holidays. These are all handcrafted and the care they put into creating them shows in the details. The wooden propeller has “Merry Christmas” printed on the blades, and the base has been sprinkled with snow.

Start or continue a tradition with the annual Sporty’s Christmas ornament. Every year we produce a new design featuring one special airplane. This year features The North American Aviation T-6 “Texan,” a single-engine advanced trainer that was flown by dozens of air forces worldwide from World War II through the 1970s. The ornament is crystal with the design laser-etched for a lasting finish. 

2018 ornament
cessna 172


Who doesn’t love the little Cessna 172? It’s the perfect trainer aircraft and it’s safe to say that most pilots have flown one at some time in their life. Crafted of a resin/marble mix, the Cessna Ornament features painted graphics and a matching silver ribbon for easy display.


#5. Aircraft Models

Nothing beats a quality airplane model. They’re admirable pieces of art that fit in perfectly with any decor and make a great conversation starter. Let’s face it, staring at airplanes is practically a pastime for pilots and you’re likely to spark a little interest in a young, future pilot. Here are three noteworthy airplane models you need.
The Super Connie- Of all the airliners ever built in America, the Lockheed Constellation has to be one of the most admired. A more beautiful airliner was never built, with its sensuously curved fuselage, superb streamlining and distinctive triple-tail. The “Connie” was typically described in superlatives and with the Super G Connie, TWA was able to offer non-stop Los Angeles to New York flights.  
The Wright Flyer- Celebrate one of man's greatest achievements with this true piece of art. Each historically correct model is expertly crafted from fine mahogany and shows Orville Wright on his first flight aboard the Wright Flyer. This completely authentic replica is detailed down to Orville's tie!
- The Cessna 172- The four-seat, single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk has undoubtedly been flown by more pilots in the world than any other aircraft. Introduced in 1956, the design is so solid it’s still in production today. Even though manufacture was interrupted for several years, more than 40,000 have been built and most are still flying.
With thousands of options available for pilots, Sporty’s is the place to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and yourself. If nothing in this top five list sounds perfect, there are plenty more options like bags, hats, apparel, and barware here.

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