New product recap: first quarter 2022

At the conclusion of every quarter, we like to reflect on some of the more notable products that joined Sporty’s offering. Below are the top ten new products we’re excited to offer to our customers from the first three months of 2022.  

X-Naut cooling case

X-Naut Cooling Case for iPad Mini 6 

The iPad Mini has found a lot of popularity on the flight deck due to the compact size and immense abilities. Keep the latest iPad model from overheating with the multi-powered cooling case from X-Naut.

Redbird YK2

Redbird Flight Simulator Alloy Side Yoke 

The GA aircraft with the highest number of deliveries per year is the Cirrus SR22T, so it’s fitting that Redbird decided to design a professional level side yoke to complement the growing number of Cirrus pilots. All-metal design and realistic internal tension brings a sense of realism to the at-home pilot. 

Flight Outiftters hat

Flight Outfitters Khaki Pilot Cap

The Flight Outfitters brand of products is becoming increasingly popular at flight schools or fly-ins. The latest addition to their diverse offering is a Pilot Cap with the button removed for increased comfort when wearing a headset. Also a great eyes, nose, and head protector when walking the flight line at AirVenture.

TakeFlight Interactive

TakeFlight Interactive Private Course 

A lot of digital pilots find themselves enjoying a simulator without a structured approach. The TakeFlight Interactive course includes 17 lessons, each with a Training, Evaluation, and Challenge phase to assure understanding. There's also grading of each lesson, so you have specific feedback. Works with X-Plane, Prepar3D, and FSX.

Honeycomb trim wheel

Honeycomb GA Trim Wheel Cover

The Honeycomb Bravo debuted at the end of 2020 and has found a great deal of interest from the flight sim community. The GA Trim Wheel Cover effortlessly accompanies the Bravo’s elevator trim wheel and brings a sense of Cessna realism to the flight simulator hardware. 

Garmin D2 Air X10

Garmin D2 Air X10 Smartwatch

The D2 brand of watches from Garmin are the only smartwatches made exclusively for pilots. They’re packed with helpful features such as GPS navigation, airport database, and a built-in altimeter. The D2 Air X10 builds on the previous model with improved battery life and a new voice assistant feature. 

Thrustmaster Boeing yoke

Thrustmaster Yoke Pack Boeing Edition

For over 30 years, Thrustmaster has been a popular name in flight simulation. Their latest development builds on the unique pendular yoke pivot motion that is found on the flight deck of Boeing aircraft. The EFB mount and interchangeable engine management levers ensures the digital aviator feels like they're in a Boeing 787. Works seamlessly with Xbox. 

GoCheck fuel tester

GoCheck Fuel Tester

This new fuel tester combines a sumper and a strainer into a compact design. After inspection, fuel can be returned to the tank by pouring through the integrated screen. Measures approximately six inches long and includes a belt clip for convenient storage. 

Garmin inReach mini 2

Garmin inReach Mini 2

A new satellite communicator for the adventurous explorer is available from Garmin. Stay in touch globally with two-way communication and SOS capabilities. Up to 14 days of battery life when utilizing 10-minute tracking mode. 

Katherine watch

Katherine Pilot Watch in Sky Blue

The Abingdon Co. has been developing artwork-worthy timepieces for the world's aviatrixes for over a decade. The Katherine style of watch includes a rotational bezel to assist in recording which version of ATIS your destination is reporting. New sky blue version is an immediate complement to the flight deck.  


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