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"One of the most amazing advancements in human flight since the VOR and GPS. Many accidents would have been and will be avoided because of devices like these."

- David Testa, private pilot

David Testa

David Testa is a physician from Tucson, Arizona. With his father, he has flown since he was very young and even helped build a Glasair II, Lancair 360 and Lancair IV. David has been a pilot for 7 years and is based out of P19, Stellar Airpark. Currently, he flies a Cessna 182 and occasionally a Lancair IV. As a pilot of 300 hours, most flights are for pleasure, but he does enjoy participating in medical clinics in Mexico with the Flying Samaritans. The best part of aviation for him is to take his friend’s two little boys flying and have them experience the absolute joy that is aviation. The next step is to obtain his instrument rating.


"Stratus makes me a safer pilot. Stratus makes me a better pilot. And even if I'm going out for a $100 hamburger, I get better situational awareness because of Stratus. With Stratus and ForeFlight and my iPad, I will fly on days that, before having all that gear, I would never have flown."
- Rob Reider, private pilot

Rob Reider

Rob Reider is an air show announcer, recipient of the coveted ICAS “Sword of Excellence,” entertainer, pilot, Midwest television personality, singer, performer, writer and winner of 5 Emmy awards. In 2012 the U.S. Navy named Rob an “Honorary Blue Angel,” only the 46th person to receive that honor in the 65-year history of the team. In addition to his air show announcing, Rob is an active pilot and the owner of a Cessna 182.


Customer reviews

“Sometimes something comes along that changes everything in whatever field you are working. There are evolutions and revolutions. This one is a little bit of both. I remember when ADS-B started and there were few proponents and many detractors for the idea and the technology required to bring it to regular use. It took many years, but here we are and we can in one little device have more information than we ever imagined.”

- Walter Razavi, ATP


“The Status enables me to plan routes around weather accurately and hundreds of miles in advance. I won't fly without it anymore.”

- Robert Bailes, Private Pilot


“Amazing device. 'State of the art'' when coupled to an iPad Air 2 with ForeFlight. Easy to use with useful features that enhance situational awareness and safety for all types of flying. Seamless integration and great graphics with Foreflight. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.”
- Patrick, ATP


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