Top 10 products for fly-in season

1. En route weather and traffic

Stratus 2S

Getting to the fly-in is half the fun, so make it easier with an ADS-B receiver for your iPad. These portable devices deliver subscription-free weather, traffic and backup attitude information to your favorite app, and make a long cross country a lot less stressful. 



2. Action Camera

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Want to show non-pilots what it means to "land on the green dot" at Oshkosh? With the latest generation of HD video cameras, you can record your flying adventure like never before. Garmin's VIRB Ultra 30 even includes a GPS and aviation headset cable, so you can capture the complete cockpit experience.



3. T-shirts

Aviation t-shirts

You can't attend an airshow without a fun aviation t-shirt. Start your collection or add to it with one of our witty shirts that tells the whole world you're a pilot.



4. Headset

Bose A20

Make your flight a quieter and more comfortable one with a new headset - and give your current one to your right seat passenger! Whether your budget is $100 or $1100, we have a headset to suit your needs.



5. Tie-down Kit

Claw tie-down

Most fly-ins do not provide chocks or tie-downs, so make sure you arrive prepared. A good tie-down kit will protect your airplane (and the ones around it) should a pop-up storm hit the airport.



6. Radio

SP-400 radio

A portable radio is an essential for backup communications, but it's also a fun way to listen to arriving traffic or the airshow. Carry one to your next fly-in for a more complete experience.



7. Power for your devices

Battery pack

Charging plugs are rare or non-existant at most fly-ins, so it's best to bring your own. Whether it's an aviation-grade cigarette charger or a portable battery pack, it's easy to keep your smartphone and tablet charged - even in the North 40.



8. Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit

If you're an aircraft owner, a fly-in is a great place to show off your pride and joy. A quick cleaning job after landing is a good way to make sure your airplane is looking its best, and some new kits make it easier than ever.



9. Luggage

Bush Pilot duffel

There's a lot to keep organized in the cockpit, so a good flight bag should be on your list of essential fly-in gear. But don't forget an overnight bag if you're headed to a larger fly-in. The Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Duffel is a great choice.



10. Satellite communications

Garmin inReach

The Garmin inReach is a great way to stay in touch, even when you're far away from civilization. This hand-held satellite communicator allows friends and family to track your flight, and you can even send text messages when you're out of cell phone reception.






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