Webinar: Aviation Headsets

Headset technology has advanced rapidly, and the features and choices in aviation headsets can be downright overwhelming. ANR, passive, panel-powered, Bluetooth, TSO'd? With this video, you can become an informed consumer without hours of boring research. Join Doug Ranly as he demystifies the world of aviation headsets, shares what's new, and highlights the features important to you. An active pilot and Sporty's resident headset expert, Doug has flown with every headset on the market so he has real world opinions to share.

Topics covered:

- History of aviation headsets: where are we in the evolution?

- Headset terms and acronyms: what does it all mean?

- Buyer's guide: what features to look for

- Market survey: comparing the top models

- Editorial comments: our opinion after flying with these headsets

More info:

>> Shop all aviation headsets here

>> Have questions? Contact our headset experts for honest advice: headsets@sportys.com

>> Read our headset PIREP blog posts


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