John Zimmerman

Aviation radios through the years—six decades of change

Radios have been used by pilots since the days of open cockpit biplanes, so it's no surprise they have been part of Sporty's offering since the very beginning of the company. In fact, the first product Hal Shevers sold from the trunk of his Studebaker was a Realtone Voyager radio (model TR-970). Since then technology has advanced and prices have dropped, but we still design our own radios. Our goal is to make the easiest-to-use, most reliable radios for pilots. Here's a look at some of the many radios we've sold over the years.

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Sporty's 60 year celebration

This year marks a milestone in the history of Sporty's: we're celebrating 60 years of serving pilots worldwide. Sporty's wouldn't be here without the incredible support of our customers over the past 60 years, so we invite you to join the celebration. Each week we'll be sharing special savings, new product introductions, and customer contests.

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New FAA chart cycle starts this month

Starting February 25, 2021, chart subscribers (and pilots everywhere) will notice an important change to the effective dates of charts. The FAA is shortening the update cycle for VFR charts to match the dates on IFR charts. This means that, whereas sectional charts used to be updated every six months, now all FAA charts will be updated every 56 days.

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