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The pilots behind the products—Aithre Aviation

One of the best parts of our jobs here at Sporty's is meeting all the passionate, creative pilots who invent new products. We love to test crazy ideas and partner with fellow pilots to bring new concepts to market. In fact, almost everything we sell was created by an aviation enthusiast, whether it's a single person with a vision or a large company packed with pilots. To celebrate these pilot-entrepreneurs, here's another installment in our series called "The Pilots Behind the Products."


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Earn 3% cash back at Sporty's with the AOPA World Mastercard

Sporty's and AOPA have been partners for over 50 years, with a shared mission to make flying safer, easier and more fun. The latest addition to this long partnership is the AOPA World Mastercard. It's loaded with benefits for pilots, including 3% cash back1 on all purchases at Sporty's Pilot Shop3-5. Whether it's a Bose headset or a sectional chart, you can save every time you shop at Sporty's.


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Sporty's Pilot Training Courses - year in review

Sporty's is—and has always been—a flight training organization. Since our founding in the early 1960s, we have been committed to delivering the best training courses for pilots, using whatever the latest technology is, from slides to smart TVs. That means the flight instructors at Sporty's are always working to create new courses and keep our current ones up-to-date, and 2019 was our biggest year yet. Here's a recap.


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2019 Gear of the Year at Sporty's

Every year we ask the pilots at Sporty's to vote for their favorite gear, from headsets to flight bags, in our Gear of the Year survey. After adding up all the votes, we are pleased to present the results of our 2019 poll. The winners include some legendary products and some exciting new ones as well.


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Stratus Stories

How this ADS-B receiver is changing the way pilots fly

Stratus is the simple-to-use, pocket-sized, wireless receiver that transforms your iPad into the ultimate flight tool. Get subscription-free weather, GPS information, ADS-B traffic and backup attitude – all integrated with ForeFlight Mobile. The new Stratus 1S and 2S models offer additional features and even better performance, but with the same pilot-friendly design that has made Stratus the best-selling ADS-B receiver in aviation.

More than just another gadget, though, Stratus is helping pilots fly safer and more confidently on every flight. Here are some recent stories from everyday pilots.

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Faro Stealth 2 Headsets with Bluetooth - video PIREP

A good headset is essential for safe and comfortable flying, but too often pilots are faced with a tough choice: pay over $1000 for a great headset, or buy a cheap one that is uncomfortable and lacking important features. Faro has solved this problem with their Stealth 2 Headsets. These sleek and stylish headsets have the high-end features you want, like Bluetooth input and active noise reduction, but at a price you can afford. Here's a video review.


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Finding the right ADS-B Out solution

What's the difference between 1090 and 978?

You probably know by now that most airplanes will have to be equipped with ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020, in order to meet the FAA mandate. Beyond that basic issue, though, there are still a lot of questions to consider. One of the first is 1090 vs. 978. That is, should you install an ADS-B Out transponder that works on the 1090 MHz frequency (sometimes called 1090ES) or the 978 MHz frequency (sometimes called a 978 UAT)?


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Introducing Sporty's 2020 Courses

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, and it's famous for a relentless pace of innovation. Every year, we add new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements. 2020 is no exception, with a host of upgrades that make training more engaging and more efficient. Here’s a look at some highlights.


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