Intro to IFR Question #19 - What are IFR cruising altitudes?

IFR Cruising Altitudes


What are IFR cruising altitudes? 

From the surface to 29,000’ MSL (FL290), IFR cruising altitudes are similar to VFR cruising altitudes with the exception of the 500’ intervals for VFR flight. Heading 040, IFR eligible cruising altitudes are 3,000’ MSL, 5,000’ MSL, 7,000’ MSL, 9,000’ MSL, 11,000’ MSL, 13,000’ MSL, 15,000’ MSL and 17,000’ MSL, etc.  

Above flight level 290 the intervals increase to 4,000’ steps. Heading 040 provides altitudes 29,000’ MSL, 33,000’ MSL, 37,000’ MSL, 41,000’ MSL, 45,000’ MSL, etc. 

* 4,000’ steps above FL290 apply to non-RVSM aircraft. Otherwise 2,000' steps apply. 



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