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Sporty's is proud to offer a wide variety of products to bring training into the home or flight school. With controls from Honeycomb, Thrustmaster, CH Products, Logitech/Saitek, or Redbird you can build the perfect system for you. From a single flight simulator yoke to a complete system with rudder pedals and a throttle quadrant, it's all here. We also offer X-Plane 11. 

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New FAA chart cycle starts this month

Starting February 25, 2021, chart subscribers (and pilots everywhere) will notice an important change to the effective dates of charts. The FAA is shortening the update cycle for VFR charts to match the dates on IFR charts. This means that, whereas sectional charts used to be updated every six months, now all FAA charts will be updated every 56 days.

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Lightspeed Trade Up Program

Tired of your uncomfortable old headset? Now you can trade in that old headset toward a new Lightspeed headset and save. Bose A20 headsets receive a $400 credit. So make your next flight more enjoyable; here's how it works.


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