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Throughout the month of February 2023, Sporty’s celebrated IFR Month, a four-week focus on the challenges and rewards of instrument flying. We introduced a new YouTube video series, held interactive webinars, and published numerous IFR articles. The goal is to encourage pilots to earn their instrument rating, get current, enjoy more utility from their pilot certificate—and have fun #cloudsurfing.

IFR Insights, with Spencer Suderman

Sporty’s has partnered with record-setting airshow pilot and instrument flight instructor Spencer Suderman for a new video series, called “IFR Insights,” available free on YouTube. In each episode, Suderman shows how to use modern tools like iPad apps and datalink weather to make IFR flying safer and easier. Multiple camera angles and real world ATC audio allow viewers to ride along and see why “flying IFR” doesn’t have to mean shooting approaches to 200 feet.

Episode 1: Flying an RNAV approach in IMC

Episode 2: Circle to land approach

Episode 3: IFR cross-country flight

Episode 4: ILS approach to Jacksonville

Spencer Suderman IFR


How to pass the FAA instrument written test

With Bret Koebbe, Sporty's Senior Flight Instructor

Tuesday, February 7 at 3pm eastern



Using a home simulator for IFR proficiency

With Chris McGonegle, Sporty's flight simulator expert

Wednesday, February 15 at 3pm eastern


IFR Courses

Sporty's Instrument Rating CourseSporty's has been training instrument pilots for over 60 years. Here's the latest version of our award-winning courses.

Sporty's Instrument Rating Course

Ace your FAA written test, save money during flight training, and become a better pilot with Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course. Over 12 hours of HD video and animations explain everything you need to know to earn your Instrument Rating and feel confident in the clouds. Works on all your devices, from iPhone to laptop to smart TV, and includes free lifetime updates!



Sporty's Instrument Proficiency Check

Whether you haven't flown an instrument approach in years or you fly IFR on every flight, this comprehensive course will make you a safer, smoother pilot in the clouds. Packed with over three hours of HD video, Instrument Proficiency Check covers everything you need to know in order to get current, stay sharp, and impress your instructor. It's broken down into 38 brief segments for easy studying, and works on all your devices (iOS, Android, online, Apple TV, and Roku).



Articles, Quizzes, and Videos

IFR Month will also be celebrated across Sporty’s Media Network, including the popular Flight Training Central, Air Facts, iPad Pilot News, and Flight Sim Update websites. Each will include articles, videos, and quizzes on instrument flying topics. Sporty’s Pilot’s Discretion podcast will feature two IFR-centric episodes in February. We'll be adding new content every day, so check back often. Here's a preview:


Join our team of pilots live from Sporty's store and flight school for a hands-on look at popular gear for instrument flying.

Top 5 products for IFR Flying

Thursday, February 2 at noon eastern

Watch the recording on Sporty's YouTube channel


Flight sims and IFR flying

Wednesday, February 15 at noon eastern

Watch the recording on Sporty's Instagram page



Learn from two of the best instrument instructors in the world in these in-depth episodes of Pilot's Discretion, Sporty's popular podcast.

Tom Turner

The hall of fame instructor talks about IFR flying tips and gear-up landing stats in this wide-ranging discussion. Listen here


Elaine Kauh

The IFR Magazine writer shares her tips for safer instrument flying and explains the challenge of taildraggers. Listen here


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