J.C. Mayerle

Flight Simulator Central

Sporty's is proud to offer a wide variety of products to bring training into the home or flight school. With controls from Honeycomb, Thrustmaster, CH Products, Logitech/Saitek, or Redbird you can build the perfect system for you. From a single flight simulator yoke to a complete system with rudder pedals and a throttle quadrant, it's all here. We also offer X-Plane 11. 

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Shopping for a drone - a pilot's perspective

I’m a modern pilot and I’m a technology enthusiast. Today’s wide availability of aviation gadgets and gear is right up my alley. I fully appreciate and utilize electronics when I’m flying not only because it makes my navigating easier but because I enjoy having the latest tech gear. Merging my love of flying and pursuit of technology has led me to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones, the media’s favorite new buzzword. Drones are the perfect mix of cool technology and flying. I’m not able to go flying every day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be flying however possible. So what do I need to know before I get a drone?

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Headset Plugs

How to choose the right connector 

Buying a headset can be tricky but we're here to help. Sporty's has been selling headsets for over 50 years and in that time we've become the world's largest aviation headset dealer. We're pilots and we regularly fly with every brand we sell. Often times we get the question, "What's the difference between twin plugs and 6-pin connectors?" Or "Do I need a battery powered or aircraft powered headset?" I'm going to take you through differences of each connector so that when you select a headset you're confident that you chose the right type.  

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