Top 10 Products for the Aircraft Owner

1. Carbon Monoxide Detector. Most piston airplanes rely on exhaust gas for cabin heat, which is both effective and potentially dangerous. Even a tiny exhaust system leak can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a deadly situation. That's why it's smart to invest in a high quality CO monitor to prevent this situation, and use it on every flight (at least when it's cold). This model is the best we've ever seen, with flashing lights, vibrating alerts, and a loud tone to alert you of dangerous conditions. SHOP NOW>>

Carbon Monoxide Detector


2. Tie-down Kit. Even if you have a nice hangar arrangement at your home airport, travelling will usually require some way to secure your airplane on the road. That means a tie-down kit. We've tested dozens over the years and are proud to offer only those that meet our standards for quality construction and ease of use. SHOP NOW>>

The Claw


3. Rechargeable AirGun. This handy tool is perfect for keeping your aircraft tires (or tug tires) topped off. Just squeeze the trigger to start the air flowing and it automatically shuts off when the desired tire pressure is reached. Small enough to carry in your airplane wherever you go. SHOP NOW>>



4. AeroLadder. If you own a high wing airplane, checking the fuel caps is a critical pre-flight task but it's easy to skip. A compact, durable folding step ladder is a great way to ensure you check the security of your fuel caps every time. This model fits in the baggage compartment of most airplanes, weighs less than 5 lbs. but is rated to support 300 lbs. SHOP NOW>>

Step stool


5. Boost Oxygen. If you regularly fly above 10,000 feet, you should invest in a quality oxygen system (we like the SkyOx line). But if you only occasionally fly high, we think it's a good idea to stash a few Boost Oxygen bottles in your flight bag or side pocket - just in case. They are not a replacement for full-time oxygen, but the 10 liter cans weigh almost nothing and offer approximately 120 breaths, which is just enough to help on a night flight at 8,000 feet. SHOP NOW>>

Boost Oxygen


6. Robotow Electric Towbar. Perfect for airplanes without wheel pants, the Robotow makes it easy to push your airplane back into the hangar - even if there's a slope or a lip to get over. It makes parking your airplane a one person job. SHOP NOW>>



7. Aircraft Logbooks. Keeping track of maintenance is important for safety and compliance, but it's also a great way to ensure your aircraft maintains its value. When it's time to sell it, well-documented maintenance adds significant value compared to an airplane with missing logs. These well-made books are the industry standard. SHOP NOW>>

Aircraft logbook


8. iEvac Smoke Hood. An in-flight fire is a pilot's worst nightmare, but these proven smoke hoods can buy you precious minutes. They filter a variety of dangerous chemicals from the air and also protect your eyes from smoke. Keep one of these under the pilot seat or within reach. SHOP NOW>>

Smoke hood


9. Precision Weather Station. Create your own weather station at your hangar or home with this powerful system. Monitor temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, and wind. Sensor package is totally wireless for easy installation. SHOP NOW>>

Weather station


10. Aviation-specific First Aid Kits. Far better than cheap drugstore kits, these contain the specific supplies required to treat the types  of injuries sustained in an aviation accident. Keep one on board your airplane at all times so you're prepared for the worst. SHOP NOW>>

Aviation first aid kit







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