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 Aviation Consumer

#1 Private Pilot Course - Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

Best in Training Content 

Engaging and intuitive content is built into easy to handle video segments. Plus, most video segments include review quizzes with smart links to specific points in the video for explanations. As the review said, "The course videos are professional, well-organized and come with a highly useful search function."



Best in Portability 

Sporty’s Course allows users to use a computer, iOS or Android apps, and Roku or Apple TV devices to watch the course. All content stays synced across devices so when you watch volume two on your TV, the next time you log in on the computer your course recognizes where you left off. The Aviation Consumer says, "Its content is engaging, intuitive, highly portable and provides the greatest number of study options for all aspects of initial training."


Best Value

For $199.99 you own the Sporty’s Course with lifetime updates! Not only is this the best value for student pilots, but once you have your license, but the course is also great for flight reviews and staying up on the latest regulation changes from the FAA. 


Best Study Options

Guided study sessions get you on the right track to learn all the material and be comfortable with the actual FAA test format. You can use the custom test prep analytics to create smart study sessions based on your weakest topics. Looking for something specific? Just use the search bar to index through every video segment for the specific topic you need help with.

PLUS All This:

  • The most up-to-date training material
  • Access to a library of FAA books
  • FAA WINGS Credit
  • CFI Tracking
  • Ask a CFI Email
  • Integration with ForeFlight, Redbird, and CloudAhoy
  • All HD Content


The Aviation Consumer concludes: "It’s nearly impossible to find fault with this course."




#1 Backup Battery - Flight Gear iPad Backup Battery

Flight Gear battery packBest in Portability

Sporty’s Backup Battery is slim, about the thickness of an iPad, which means it fits easily into any tablet sleeve in your bag even when the tablet is also stored. Charging on the go and while in use is easy since this battery can slide in anywhere.

Best in Power

Pilots need a lot of power for iPads, ADS-B receivers, phones and more. This battery packs 20,000 mAh into the slim package which means it has enough juice to charge your iPad at least twice or your phone about 10 times. The Aviation Consumer said, "We’ve found it tough to run the bank dry."

The Flight Gear iPad Backup Battery doesn’t just hold a lot of power, it also supports fast charging. You can charge your devices with 3 amp high output USB ports.

Best for Aviation

Anytime you introduce electronics into the cockpit you risk interference with radios and even flight instruments. We’ve rigorously tested this battery in aircraft for possible interference and it passes with flying colors. Plus, our battery has built-in safety features like overcharge protection, temperature monitoring, rapid discharging and more safeguards to ensure that you won’t run any risks using this while you fly.  

Best for Everyone

The worst part of all the electronics we rely on is all the cables we need to charge them. Never worry about having the right cable with our battery. Whatever cable you use to charge your device, that’s likely the only cable you’ll need. You can charge the Flight Gear Battery with micro USB, USB Type-C and even Lightning cables. So once you’re done charging your device, that same cable can be used to plug the battery into a wall adapter so you can recharge your battery pack. 





#1 VFR refresher course - Sporty's Rusty Pilot Kit
Rusty Pilot KitWith this bundle, pilots who want to get back into flying get a jump on modern flying while staying in familiar territory. Everyone needs a FAR/AIM and the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, which is included. Plus you get a modern kneeboard that works with a 9.7" iPad and has a clipboard - and you get two online courses to update your training. 
Flight Review - Covering the latest regulations, weather resources, cockpit technology, and pilot techniques, you'll be ahead of the game on your next flight review after taking this course. You can even use it to log one hour of ground instruction.
VFR Communications  - Communication is one of the most vital skills for aviators and remembering the nuances of radio chatter will make give you confidence and make you a more effective pilot. You'll learn the basics of communications, plus hear real world pilots making common radio calls. The Aviation Consumer calls it "A good way to hone rusty radio communications skills."

Aviation Consumer

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