Sporty’s Launches Free Aerobatics App for Apple Vision Pro

Fly along with aerobatics legend Patty Wagstaff


Sporty’s recently released a breakthrough app, Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff for Apple Vision Pro, which promises to revolutionize the way pilots and aviation enthusiasts experience the thrill of aerobatics. The app offers a safe and engaging pathway to experience the complexities of aerobatic flight maneuvers through immersive 360-degree video.

Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff is optimized for the Apple Vision Pro. Featuring sophisticated sensors, sharp displays, and powerful processors, the Vision Pro is Apple’s entry into a dedicated mixed reality device. More than just a virtual reality (VR) headset, it blends augmented reality (AR) and VR technologies to provide a highly immersive experience.

Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff allows users to sit in the cockpit virtually with Patty Wagstaff as she demonstrates a variety of aerobatic maneuvers, such as loops, rolls, and spins. This virtual capability brings dynamic aerial maneuvers to life, allowing pilots to learn from a safe, secure location. Beyond the basic maneuvers, the app includes a full airshow routine, performed by Wagstaff, allowing users to experience the proper sequence of competition aerobatic flying.

"We are thrilled to introduce Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff to the world, offering an unmatched aerobatics experience on the cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro," said Sporty’s President John Zimmerman. "We’re optimistic that the Apple Vision Pro will continue offering capabilities that could significantly enhance both flight training and flying experiences."

Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff is an outgrowth of the popular Basic Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff training course, which is one of several courses available through Sporty’s Pilot Training App learning suite. This application not only showcases how real-world flying conditions can be simulated using VR, but also marks a step forward in blending traditional pilot training with next generation technology.

Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff for Apple Vision Pro can be downloaded free from the App Store.

For a sample of the immersive experience, pan around in this sample 2D version of Patty Wagstaff’s airshow routine.



Mark Wiesenhahn




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