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What's the difference between Stratus and SXAR1?

The recently-announced SiriusXM Aviation Receiver (or SXAR1) offers pilots flying with the ForeFlight app an exciting new option for in-flight weather. We've been getting a lot of questions at Sporty's about how it compares to the existing option, the Stratus 2S. We've also been asked if pilots can use both devices at the same time. We went flying to find out.


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Lightspeed Upgrades Tango Headset

Enhanced charging options for popular wireless headset

Lightspeed introduced their Tango headset in late 2015, the first wireless headset from a major aviation company. Since then, thousands of pilots have enjoyed the freedom of going wireless without sacrificing performance. Just turn on the headset and fly.

But Lightspeed isn't standing still. The company is known for their innovation, always improving their products in response to pilot feedback, and the Tango is no exception. This week, they announced some upgrades to the Tango that should make it even more convenient in the cockpit.


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Top 12 iPad Tips - How To Get Started

The iPad is a reliable and easy-to-use addition to the cockpit, perfect for charts, moving maps and even in-flight weather. But there's a lot to understand to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment. Over the past several years, we've learned a lot through trial and error flying with the iPad in general aviation aircraft, and have assembled our top 12 tips.

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David Clark ONE-X Flight Test

David Clark recently introduced the ONE-X headset. At $895, it is the most expensive headset that the green dome company has ever released. We’ve been getting lots of inquiries from pilots wanting to know if this is the next big thing. So we took it up for a test flight. I know, tough gig, right?


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Garmin Aera 660 - first look

Garmin recently unveiled the aera 660, their first new aviation GPS in five years. It features a host of upgrades over the aera 500 series (which it replaces) including an all-new touchscreen, synthetic vision and complete digital charts. Here's a look at some of the best new features, including some less talked-about features that we found pleasantly surprising.


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