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Video Camera Buyer's Guide for Pilots

So-called action cameras barely existed a decade ago; now they are a must-have for any adventure, whether it's skiing, skydiving or flying. Their small size, incredible video quality, and built-in GPSs make them perfect for sharing your flights with non-pilots. You can relive that flight to Oshkosh, or share your first solo with friends and family. To help you choose the right model, we've developed this Buyer's Guide with all the essential specs.


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Choosing a flight simulator

Home flight simulation technology has improved a lot over the last 5-10 years, to the point where pilots can create a reliable training device at home without spending $10,000 and taking a week to set it up. When used properly, such a simulator can significantly improve your flying skills, whether you're learning to fly, getting back into flying after a long layoff, or trying to maintain instrument proficiency. Here's how to find the right system.


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Behind the courses - an interview with Sporty's Bret Koebbe

Sporty's introduced its 2018 Learn to Fly Course this week, which added a number of new features to this popular training product, including: a new iOS app, automatic sync between the online course and app, CFI tracking, new video segments, and more. We sat down with Sporty's Academy Vice President Bret Koebbe, who leads Sporty's course development team, to learn more about the course and the people who make it.


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The pilots behind the products - Lightspeed and MyGoFlight

We say it all the time: one of the best parts of our jobs here at Sporty's is meeting all the passionate, creative pilots who invent new products. We love to test crazy ideas and partner with fellow pilots to bring new concepts to market. In fact, almost everything we sell was created by an aviation enthusiast, whether it's a single person with a vision or a large company packed with pilots. In this post, we're sharing more stories of "The Pilots Behind the Products," including Lightspeed and MyGoFlight.


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How to improve reception on your ground-based aviation radio

The first product Sporty’s ever sold was a receiver/scanner. The small radio allowed student pilots to listen to the interactions between air traffic controllers and airline pilots. By hearing these professionals speak on the radio, students could learn how to better communicate when they were flying. The radios have drastically changed since we first started in 1961, but pilots still like to listen to each other while on the ground.


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Stereo vs Mono Headsets - what's the difference?

Buying your first headset can be confusing. There are a lot of things to consider: passive noise reduction (PNR) vs. active noise reduction (ANR), plug types, Bluetooth, aux inputs, ear seals, and finally mono vs. stereo. While we won’t tackle every subject in one blog, we will attempt to answer that age old question: Do I need a mono or stereo headset?


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