Bret Koebbe

Flying with the GoPro MAX

The next wave in small camera technology takes aviation videography to a new level, thanks to the 360° recording capabilities of the GoPro Max camera. Think of it as two GoPro cameras joined back to back, allowing it to capture literally everything around you, including the cockpit and the views outside, while keeping both perfectly exposed. Here's what pilots should know about this incredible vamer

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Pilot's guide to flying with the GoPro HERO8

More and more pilots are flying with action cameras like GoPros to record their flights. While these tiny devices record stunning video, they are not the easiest products to use. To help you feel more confident shooting in-flight video, we asked Bret Koebbe, an active pilot and flight instructor who leads Sporty's video department, what he's learned after a decade of shooting with GoPros. This detailed article includes his suggestions for getting started, choosing camera settings, mounting a GoPro, and much more.


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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 - the best action camera for pilots yet?

We’ve been using miniature cameras in the cockpits of general aviation airplanes for over 20 years at Sporty’s to assist in the production our pilot training videos. Back in the 90s these cameras cost thousands of dollars and required a background in video production to mount and operate, but it was worth the effort to be able to capture the dynamic sights and sounds from the cockpit to help pilots learn to fly from the comfort of their home. Now there are better options.


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