Fast Five year in review—2021

Sporty's Fast Five is one of aviation's most popular email newsletters. Every Saturday morning, we deliver five interesting articles and one video to your inbox (you can sign up here). It's a quick way to stay up to date, with tips for safer flying, tricks for using the latest gear, and interesting aviation debates.

We published 52 editions of Fast Five in 2021, with hundreds of articles, dozens of video tips, and even a few new product announcements. Here are some highlights.

Top 10 articles

Sporty's publishes five different blogs, packed with free tips and valuable insights from our team of pilots. Read them all: iPad Pilot News, Student Pilot News, Air Facts, Flight Sim Update, and Product PIREPs. Below are this year's 10 most popular articles.

10. How does ADS-B traffic work?

9. Quiz: runway safety

8. A landing and a one-wheel takeoff on Interstate 25

7. What's the best headset for pilots?

6. Pilot report: flying with the new iPad mini 6

5. The seven deadly sins of aviation communications

4. A new Swift pilot overcomes a catastrophic in-flight oil leak

3. Tips for charging your iPad before flight and in the cockpit

2. Flight simulator buyer's guide—2021

1. Quiz: airspace classification and rules


Top 5 videos


Our YouTube channel is another valuable resource for pilots, with tips from our team of flight instructors, hands-on product demos, fun flying videos, and so much more. Subscribe to get new videos as they are released. Here are the top 5 videos from 2021.

5. How to fly a slow roll—aerobatics tip from Patty Wagstaff

4. Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant—hands-on review

3. Eights on pylons—commercial pilot tip

2. Inside Sporty's—celebrating 60 years of serving pilots

1. What's the best hardware for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?



Sporty's hosts a series of live webinars every year, covering a wide range of topics. These are an excellent way to learn about new technology or expand your aviation knowledge. You sign up for future webinars here, or watch video recordings of our past webinars here. Below are the video recordings of two very popular webinars in 2021.

ForeFlight advanced tips and new features

Aviation Quiz Hour—20 questions to test your knowledge


Podcast episodes

New for 2021, Sporty's launched a podcast called Pilot's Discretion. Episodes are released every two weeks, and bring you thought-provoking conversations with unique pilots. Listen in your favorite podcast app, or find every episode here. Below are the two most popular episodes so far.

Busting aviation maintenance myths, with Mike Busch

Behind the scenes at air traffic control, with Eddie Albert

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