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Sporty’s is pleased to offer its Webinar Series to our valued customers. These live, multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can participate in a variety of ways.

Sporty’s Webinar Series touches on a variety of topics, from training to new products and services to help you stay informed. For your convenience, all webinars are archived so you can attend anytime your schedule permits. Watch our most recent webinars below, and stay up to date with upcoming sessions by visiting


Aviation Quiz Hour (2022 Edition)

With John Zimmerman, Air Facts Editor-in-Chief and ATP/IGI

How much do you know about weather, airspace, aerodynamics, and flight planning? You’ll find out in this popular webinar format. The pilots at Sporty’s will present 20 questions on a variety of topics, let you answer on screen, then explain the correct answer and discuss the implications. A little competition is always fun, but we’ll also share plenty of valuable tips for safer flying. It’s a great way to review important topics and learn some interesting trivia too.

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Advanced Home Flight Simulators

With Chris McGonegle, Editor of Flight Sim Update

Headset technology has advanced rapidly, and the features and choices in aviation headsets can be downright overwhelming. ANR, passive, panel-powered, Bluetooth, TSO'd? You can become an informed consumer without hours of boring research. Join Sporty's headset expert Doug Ranly as he demystifies the world of aviation headsets, shares what's new, and highlights the features important to you.

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Pilot's Guide to Aviation Headsets

With Doug Ranly, Sporty's headset expert

Headset technology has advanced rapidly, and the features and choices in aviation headsets can be downright overwhelming. ANR, passive, panel-powered, Bluetooth, TSO'd? You can become an informed consumer without hours of boring research. Join Sporty's headset expert Doug Ranly as he demystifies the world of aviation headsets, shares what's new, and highlights the features important to you.

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iPad Proficiency Check

With Bret Koebbe, Flight Instructor and Editor of iPad Pilot News

This presentation from Sporty’s and iPad Pilot News covers a wide range of practical topics on flying with the iPad and the ForeFlight Mobile app. Led by Bret Koebbe, an active pilot at Sporty’s and editor of iPad Pilot News, this fast-paced presentation will explore topics applicable to pilots of all iPad experience levels, including: current iPad models, iPad mini 6 review, legal briefing, iPad accessories, ADS-B receivers, and more.

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How to Pass the Private Pilot FAA Written Test in Less Time

With Bret Koebbe, Flight Instructor and Sporty's Senior VP of Course Development

It's something all pilots have to do during training for a Private Pilot license -- pass the FAA Knowledge Test. While this test has gotten a bad rap over the years from some, the reality is it's a non-event when you approach it with the proper mindset and use the right study tools. In this webinar, we'll show how to use tried and true study methods using Sporty's Learn to Fly Course to make the process an engaging and meaningful learning experience, and not just another exercise in rote memorization.

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ForeFlight Advanced Tips and New Features

With Josh Berman, ForeFlight product suppport

ForeFlight, aviation's most popular app, has come a long way from the days of basic weather maps and digital charts. Now a full-featured preflight and in-flight app, it can help you plan a route, compute weight and balance data, file a flight plan, navigate en route, and even log your flight. In this fast-paced webinar, ForeFlight product expert Josh Berman shows off some of the latest enhancements to the app and shares some advanced tips for getting the most out of the app. You'll learn about the new downloads view, enhanced weight and balance, terrain advisor changes, weather forecast tools, and much more.

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Tailwheel and Backcountry Flying Tips

With flight instructor and airshow legend Patty Wagstaff

Interested in earning a tailwheel endorsement, or exploring the exciting world of backcountry flying? Join Patty Wagstaff in this fun and educational webinar on what it takes to get started and stay safe. You know Patty as one of the world’s greatest aerobatic pilots, but she’s also an experienced bush pilot, having flown extensively in Alaska and Africa. She shares the real-world tips she's learned through decades of flying in some of the world’s most extreme conditions.

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Flying with Datalink Weather—Tips for Using ADS-B and SiriusXM

With John Zimmerman, Air Facts Editor-in-Chief and ATP/IGI

Datalink weather has the potential to make your flying safer and more comfortable - but only if you know how to use it properly. Join Air Facts editor John Zimmerman for an in-depth look at ADS-B, SiriusXM, and how to use them in flight. Topics include: weather accident trends, 5 rules of datalink weather, differences between ADS-B and SiriusXM, and real world weather flying scenarios.

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Talk to an Air Traffic Controller

With RJ Ratliff from CVG Class B and Indianapolis Center

It’s not uncommon for pilots to have some fear of interacting with Air Traffic Control (ATC) often concerned with making a mistake or of being judged by others on frequency. Not only is that the wrong attitude, but it can also deprive you of valuable services and even compromise safety. Controllers are humans just like pilots, and they’re actually there to help. Join ATC Controller and Pilot RJ Ratliff from Cincinnati Approach Control and Indianapolis Center and learn what controllers expect from pilots, plus some tips for your next request to ATC.

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Flight Simulators 101—Tips for Microsoft, X-Plane, Honeycomb, and more

With Chris McGonegle, Sporty's flight simulator expert and Commercial Pilot

Flight simulators have exploded in popularity over the last year. With new software options, impressive flight controls, and EFB app integration, it has never been easier to use a home flight simulator for real training (in addition to fun). In this fast-paced webinar, Chris McGonegle, a commercial pilot and Sporty's flight simulator expert, will discuss how to use simulators effectively and how to avoid making mistakes that will degrade your flying skills. He also reviews the most popular hardware options for a home flight simulator and discusses the new Microsoft Flight Simulator program. If you're thinking about buying a flight simulator, but aren't sure where to start, this webinar is for you.

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Sporty's Flight Instructor Portal—Hands-on Demo

With Bret Koebbe, Flight Instructor and Sporty's Senior VP of Course Development

Staying organized and staying connected to students is essential for any flight instructor who wants to be their best. Sporty’s new CFI Portal, part of our 2022 Learn to Fly Course, makes this easier than ever. Available free to any active flight instructor, this suite of tools includes lesson plans, a free refresher course, FAA library, and more. No trial, no credit card, and no catch—just sign up and enjoy these exclusive benefits. Sporty's CFI Bret Koebbe takes you behind the scenes with this powerful tool in this webinar recording (originally presented live on March 16, 2022).

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Flying the Garmin GFC 600 Autopilot

With Matt Clark, Senior Aviation Pilot Trainer - Garmin

Designed for aftermarket installation on high-performance single- and twin-engine piston aircraft as well as turboprops and jets, the GFC 600 flight control system offers an impressive array of top-level safety and performance features. Leveraging technologies developed for Garmin's popular GFC 700 autopilot that drives its most advanced glass flight deck systems, these sophisticated features include Garmin ESP, underspeed and overspeed protection, automatic LVL mode, airspeed climb and decent (IAS) mode, vertical navigation (VNAV) mode2, flight director (FD) command cues and more.

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Aviation Trivia—20 questions to test your aviation knowledge

With Sporty's Chris McGonegle

Join Sporty's own Chris McGonegle for twenty questions covering Aviation Trivia. A wide range of topics will be covered, such as historical figures, aviation firsts, and even some current day factoids that could stump the average pilot. Hopefully some knowledge will be bestowed to prepare pilots for their next hangar hangout.


Aviation Quiz Hour—20 questions to test your knowledge

With John Zimmerman, Air Facts Editor-in-Chief and ATP/IGI

Join Sporty's John Zimmerman for another fast-paced hour of aviation questions and tips, covering everything from charts to aerodynamics. Can you go 20 for 20?

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Bridging the gap: products for flight simulation and real world flying

With Sporty's Chris McGonegle and Flight Simulation Association's Evan Reiter

Flight simulation incorporates hundreds of hardware pieces and software packages to better allow us to enjoy our digital flights. But what if we went to transition to flying in the real world, rather than the digital one? Join Evan Reiter, the co-founder of Flight Simulation Association and Sporty's Pilot Shop product manager Chris McGonegle as they discuss which products help to make the leap between simulators and the flight deck with an emphasis on ForeFlight Mobile. Topics include: Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11, Prepar3d, Aviation Courses, Honeycomb, Redbird, Kneeboards, ARSim Radio Simulator, VATSIM, Pilot Edge, RealSimGear, Sim Your Plane, and lastly ForeFlight.

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Learning to fly—how to get started

With Sporty's Eric Radtke and AOPA's Chris Moser

Join Sporty's and AOPA and learn what it takes to earn your pilot license and start flying - this webinar recording presents an hour of honest advice and practical tips for anyone considering flight training. Learning to fly will unlock a world of possibilities and give you unparalleled freedom to see the world. It is a truly unique experience—one of the last great adventures in our modern life. It is challenging, rewarding and flat out fun!

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Airline Pilot's Guide to Fearless Propeller Flying

With Capt. Les Abend, retired airline pilot and Flying magazine contributor

If you’ve spent decades flying a Boeing or Airbus and are now considering a transition back to general aviation, this webinar is for you. Join Eric Radtke from Sporty’s Academy and Les Abend, an experienced airline pilot and Flying magazine columnist, for an honest look at what it takes to get current in light airplanes. It’s probably easier than you think, and can open up a world of opportunities.

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Sharpen Your Flying Skills with Sporty's Academy

With Eric Radtke, Sporty's Academy Chief Instructor and ATP/CFI

It’s not always easy for pilots to admit when they’re feeling a bit rusty, but it happens to all of us especially in the midst of a pandemic. Join the instructional staff at Sporty’s Academy for a flying refresher to include flying tips & techniques, regulations, airspace, weather and more! And if you’ve been away from flying for an extended period of time, we’ll also debunk some of those myths associated with rejoining the aviation community and highlight what may have changed since you last flew.

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Redbird Flight Simulators and Trainers

With Josh Harnagel, Redbird VP of Marketing and CFI

Finding the right simulator can be a daunting and intimidating task. Join Josh Harnagel from Redbird Flight Simulation as he demystifies what qualities to look for in a trainer and how a Redbird simulator will cover the gamut of what is needed. Whether it's keeping checklist flows fluid, strengthening stick and rudder skills, or flying a challenging approach down to minimums. We'll cover the systems available from the Redbird fleet, and how best to utilize them.

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IFR Quiz Hour—20 questions to test your knowledge

With John Zimmerman, Air Facts Editor-in-Chief and ATP/IGI

Join Sporty's John Zimmerman for a fast-paced hour of IFR flying questions and tips, covering everything from approach charts to weather theory.

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A Pilot's Guide to Handheld Radios

With Doug Ranly, Sporty's radio expert and Private Pilot

A portable aviation radio is a great backup tool and a valuable resource for flight training. Join Sporty’s radio expert Doug Ranly for an in-depth look at the technology, what to look for when buying a radio, and tips for using them in the real world. Includes a review of the latest options from Icom, Yaesu, and Sporty's. Topics include: key terms, how to answer the #1 question, what to look for, the big three brands, and real world advice.

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Garmin New Product Update

With Michael Kerrigan, Garmin regional sales manager and Private Pilot

Join Michael Kerrigan from Garmin for a look at the latest avionics from Garmin, including the new touch-screen aera 760, the retrofit GI 275 flight instrument, and the GPS 175 navigator.

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10 Tips for Flight Instructors to Get Through COVID-19

With Eric Radtke and Charlie Masters, Sporty's Academy flight instructors

Many lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19 and the aviation community has been hit particularly hard. As a CFI, you are probably without students and that airline job may appear even more distant. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are positive, productive activities you can be participating in right now to stay in the aviation game. Join Sporty’s CFIs Eric Radtke and Charlie Masters for a candid conversation on what you can be doing as a CFI to stay active, current and continue developing professionally.

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