SiriusXM subscription options are surprisingly flexible

Payment options

SXAR1First, there are a variety of subscription intervals available. The SiriusXM Aviation Weather Service can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually (includes one month free as an introductory rate) or biennially (includes two months free as an introductory rate). That means you could save some money by pre-paying, which is a particularly good option for frequent travelers or corporate pilots. Note that, for new SiriusXM weather subscribers, an activation fee may apply.


Seasonal Suspend Program

Even better, SiriusXM allows pilots who fly seasonally (or have their airplane temporarily out of service) to suspend service for up to 6 months each year. No subscription fees are charged during the Suspend period, plus there’s no reactivation fee. Just call 1-855-796-9847 and ask to suspend service. You can select an automatic reactivation date up to 6 months later, and you only need to refresh the SiriusXM receiver after the Suspend period is over.  If any funds are available on the account, they will be held at no charge and applied when service resumes. Almost every pilot we've talked to doesn't know about this option, but it's really useful if you don't fly much during the winter.


Pilot for ForeFlight Subscription Plan 

This plan, created just for ForeFlight pilots, provides all the essential SiriusXM Aviation weather features pilots have come to love at a lower price than was previously available. This includes: NEXRAD radar (both base and composite reflectivity), Canadian radar, storm cell attributes, cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, METARs and TAFs (for the US and Canada), Pilot Reports, TFRs, winds/temps aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. The Pilot for ForeFlight plan costs $39.99/month, $439.89 for one year (which equals one month free), or $879.78 for two years (which equals two months free).


More information 

To learn more about the SXAR1 check out our product page for detailed specs and pictures. Right now, it's available for only $499 and there's a $200 rebate on top of that. At a fly-away price of $299, it's a great value.

To activate your SiriusXM service, visit or call 1-855-796-9847. For service-related questions, contact







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