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Faro Stealth 2 Headsets with Bluetooth - video PIREP

A good headset is essential for safe and comfortable flying, but too often pilots are faced with a tough choice: pay over $1000 for a great headset, or buy a cheap one that is uncomfortable and lacking important features. Faro has solved this problem with their Stealth 2 Headsets. These sleek and stylish headsets have the high-end features you want, like Bluetooth input and active noise reduction, but at a price you can afford. Here's a video review.


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Finding the right ADS-B Out solution

What's the difference between 1090 and 978?

You probably know by now that most airplanes will have to be equipped with ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020, in order to meet the FAA mandate. Beyond that basic issue, though, there are still a lot of questions to consider. One of the first is 1090 vs. 978. That is, should you install an ADS-B Out transponder that works on the 1090 MHz frequency (sometimes called 1090ES) or the 978 MHz frequency (sometimes called a 978 UAT)?


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Introducing Sporty's 2020 Courses

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, and it's famous for a relentless pace of innovation. Every year, we add new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements. 2020 is no exception, with a host of upgrades that make training more engaging and more efficient. Here’s a look at some highlights.


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Getting Started with Sporty's Courses - Learn To Fly or Instrument Rating

Your pilot training course is full of information that will make you a better pilot throughout your training. There's a lot to familiarize yourself with, but not to worry - getting started is as simple as watching your first video. To get you off the ground and in the air, here's how to begin your ground school training with Sporty's Learn To Fly or Instrument Rating course.

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Sporty's Headset Buyer's Guide

Shopping for a headset? The team of pilots at Sporty's have assembled this Headset Buyer's Guide to help you make the right choice. It's packed with charts that allow you to compare headsets side-by-side, plus information about active noise reduction (ANR), in-the-ear headsets, and real world pilot reports on popular headset models.


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The right gear to get you going - at the right prices

Learning to fly is a thrilling experience, but it’s also time-consuming and, yes, expensive. That’s why the pilots at Sporty’s are constantly working to make flight training (and flying in general) easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Over the last six months, we’ve introduced a number of new products to help pilots fly safer and save money, and we’re very proud that we haven’t cut any corners to do it.


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9 ways Sporty's makes it easy to buy the perfect headset

A headset is one of the most important investments a pilot will ever make, and not simply because of the expense. A quality aviation headset can protect your hearing, reduce fatigue, and even improve flight safety. That's why Sporty's offers a variety of tools and resources to make your next headset purchase fast, easy and affordable. We are proud to be the #1 headset retailer in aviation. 


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Creating the Perfect Backup Radio

With iPad apps and portable GPSs in most cockpits, pilots already have great backup navigation tools close at hand. That means the days of buying feature-laden portable radios with VOR navigation and GPS receivers are coming to an end. What’s really needed in an emergency is a reliable, easy-to-use COM radio.


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How to maintain your aviation headset

A good aviation headset is an essential part of any pilot’s flight bag. While the most advanced models can cost over $1,000 they also do an incredible job of protecting your hearing and enhancing the clarity of airborne communications. With proper care, headsets can also last for 10+ years, so it’s a smart investment.


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