Introducing Sporty's 2020 Courses

Expanded video training

With over 15 hours of HD video and stunning animations, the video segments make up the heart of Sporty’s course. Much more than just slideshows or lectures on video, we put you in the cockpit for a pilot’s-eye view of every maneuver so you can really understand the subjects presented. And since technology is always changing, we’re constantly adding new videos. 

Expanded segments this year cover some of the most important topics for student pilots, including: real world communication scenarios (at Class B, C, and D airports), tips for safely integrating tablets into your flight training, key concepts of glass cockpits (like the Garmin G1000), how to use new weather forecast tools, how to make perfect crosswind landings, how to recover from unstabilized approaches, and what to consider when transitioning to high performance or complex airplanes. You’ll learn the latest material, with no outdated sections to get in the way.

Video clip


New test prep tools

Passing the FAA Knowledge Test can be a hassle, but it’s much easier with the right tools. Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course includes over 1000 practice questions - and we’re constantly updating our database - so you won’t be surprised on test day. Each question includes plain English explanations written by Sporty’s team of flight instructors, which encourages understanding instead of just memorization.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app, available for iOS and Android and included with your purchase, adds a number of powerful test prep tools. The app tracks your progress in multiple subject areas, so you can focus on your weakest topics for maximum efficiency. Once you’ve studied each area, create a study session based on all marked questions or all missed questions. You can also create a smart study session, where the app learns from your progress and creates customized quizzes to drill on topics that need improvement. You’ll spend less time studying what you already know, and more time filling in any gaps.

Test prep tools

Best of all, your study sessions always stay in sync between devices. You can start a quiz on your laptop then review the results on your iPad without missing a beat.


Smart TV apps

Another signature feature of Sporty’s courses is their support for multiple platforms. You can study on almost any device, and now that extends beyond computers, phones, and tablets to smart TVs. New for 2020, full Chromecast integration and an all-new RokuTV channel (in addition to our existing Apple TV app) mean you can watch Sporty’s videos almost anywhere. Just download the free app on your TV and sign in; in seconds you’ll be watching the latest aviation training videos from the comfort of your couch.

Chromecast app


FAA handbooks

While videos and interactive test prep are the best ways to learn, sometimes you can’t beat a textbook, so the 2020 Learn to Fly Course includes access to over 25 popular FAA resources. From the Airplane Flying Handbook to important Advisory Circulars, it’s all here - over $300 in books for free. In the Pilot Training app, you can view full resolution color PDFs and use powerful document tools like bookmarks and search to organize your studying. With this addition, Sporty’s course really is a complete training resource.

FAA handbooks


Checkride prep

The final step to becoming a pilot is the practical test, commonly called the checkride. Preparing for this event can be stressful, so we’ve added three new tools to make sure you’re ready for the examiner. First, interactive Checkride Prep Flashcards are an easy way to test your knowledge of key subjects, ensuring you’ll be ready to talk about regulations, airspace, and systems. Next, a complete practical test checklist explains everything you need for the big day, from certificates to logbook entries. Finally, a special video segment shows you what to expect on the checkride, with tips from an active pilot examiner. You’ll arrive for the test ready to excel.

Checkride Prep Flash Cards


Video review notes

Now you can quickly review the key points from every video segment with this handy document. Included free with the course, it’s easy to read as you watch each segment, or you can print out the entire document for use as a refresher. It’s ideal for last minute preparation.

Video review notes


Mobile-friendly online portal

Sporty’s Pilot Training app is a powerful tool for training on the go, but sometimes you can’t beat a web browser. With that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned our online training portal to be simpler, faster, and mobile-friendly. It’s easy to use on all your devices, and there’s no software to download. Perfect for studying when you don’t have your iPad with you.
Mobile-friendly portal


Lifetime updates

Never worry about out-of-date materials or missing features with Sporty’s free lifetime updates. Simply buy the course once and you own it forever - no subscriptions and no upgrade fees required. Every time you log in to the online training portal or open up the Pilot Training app, you’ll have access to the latest video segments, test question updates, and training features. It’s an incredible value: for the price of one flight lesson, you’ll save thousands of dollars over your flying career.

A good home study course is one of the best investments you can make as a student pilot (or a rusty pilot). While your flight lessons will form the core of your training, there’s a lot of work to be done in between trips to the airport. Sure, you’ll need something to help you prepare for the FAA Knowledge Test, but the benefits of a course go far beyond that. It will also help you save a significant amount of time and money by preparing for each lesson at home. Most importantly, you’ll be a safer, more well-rounded pilot after you earn your certificate.


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