Enhanced Bose A20 Headset

The new features that matter

Bose announced improved features to the popular A20 headset in the summer of 2015. The new enhancements take advantage of some new technology and give pilots more options for customizations. Here's the executive summary.

Bose A20

Bluetooth Music

One of the most common complaints of the original Bose A20 headset was the lack of Bluetooth connectivity for music. You could still connect to a cell phone to make calls, but switching over to music meant you had to get out an input cable and plug in. Yes, this may be a first world problem, but more cables in the cockpit is a bad thing.

The new Bose A20 provides Bluetooth connectivity for both cell phone and music, eliminating the need for the input cable. Passengers in particular will love this new feature, and it's a great way to keep kids happy when you're flying with the family. Note that this is only available on the Bluetooth models. The non-Bluetooth models still require an input cable.

Auto OnLemo Plug

Bose headsets are a favorite for airplane owners with LEMO plug installations on their intercom system. This is found on many new aircraft, and many aircraft are retrofitted with these plugs when it comes time to upgrade older intercoms. In addition to a more robust connection, LEMO plugs allow the headset to use ship power as a power source for ANR. This means that you don't need to worry about dead batteries in the control box.

Bose's previous version of LEMO headset, the Bose X, would automatically turn itself on when you flipped the master switch. This feature must have been overlooked when the Bose A20 first came out, as now we had to physically turn the headset on every time we started up. The updated cord solves that problem. Auto On is back for LEMO plug A20 headsets.

Cable Choices

Different pilots have different needs. While 90% of us are happy with straight cord headsets, the remaining 10% really want a coiled cord option. Most of this 10% are helicopter pilots. The new A20 has the option for coiled cord. Whirly birds everywhere are rejoicing. 

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